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  1. sirBoggleTits

    @ DZ

    To annoy you.

  2. Ceonn

    I fully understand Kaji’s need to joke around. He’s actually trying to pull some enjoyment out of this too. Translations annoyingly difficult work, gotta entertain yourself somehow. Still, gotta agree with some people here on one thing. You can joke around with people Kaji, but eventually it gets to a point where it’s old and boring. Spacing out your joking around between status updates and the like keeps people on their toes. Just don’t get too excessive with this, and you’re starting to get to that hope.

    I know you realize this, but so many people are looking up to you and hoping for this translation to happen. If you keep messing with them nonstop, they will give up on you and you won’t have an audience for your work. There comes a point where it’s no longer a question of being loyal to you for a translation, and it’s more of a question about how long you wanna put up with the creator’s antics.

  3. M. Night Shyamalan's napkin

    @ Ceonn
    Actually Kaji could entirely alienate the fanbase, release the patch, and get just as much praise for it as he would otherwise. He’d just have a reputation that went something along the lines of being “that douchey translator who made lots of lame jokes but eventually released a great patch.” Even without internet anonymity, the later part of that more than makes up for the former (as he’s no doubt realized by now), so I doubt he’d care.

  4. jsmith

    “Will you shut the fuck up already?”

    That was pretty much my reaction when I saw this.

    Almost every post I see on this site is a joke, and it was slightly amusing the first time around, but it’s getting really stupid now. It’s not even funny, just… insanely lame.

    If he’s getting enjoyment out of these jokes, he’s more juvenile than I thought. Though he might be aiming for the ego-boost he gets from the few people who take these posts seriously and beg him to finish the translation. Which is still pretty damn juvenile, so yeah.

  5. Freeman

    It’s just like I thought, here people are arguing about stupid and trivial errors of grammar, rather than addressing the real problem.
    Yesterday I was too optimistic, I was thinking that the site Eizan was filled with messages of disapproval, full of angry people took to the continuing her ass by the constant jokes and tricks from those who profess to be a true fan of Tales of Hearts ….. but who want to fool?
    Have the courage to say things as they are,not false hopes; here among us there are those who get up in the morning hoping to find an update, and I say seriously,because here,among us,there are people that are very Tales of Hearts fans,and unlike you a real fan
    The point is not that he has decided to take a break, he has every right to do it, sure; but….if indeed you are not able to finish the patch, say it clearly, do not play with us, it is stupid, immature, and continuing to deceive us, you signify your experience a certain pleasure in doing so,and we don’t deserve it,don’t you think?
    Maybe we can help your job with some donations,maybe you could be more serious.

  6. Bulls Eye


    Kajitani doesn’t want to be more serious, donations won’t make a difference at all on his working pace. Besides, if normal fans get annoyed by these jokes imagine how donors would be.

    So some people here think you are “true” ToH fans cuz you don’t joke around but Kaji does? LOL what the hell are you doing to feel you are a “true fan”? Perhaps learning japanese? Oh no, you are expecting a FREE english patch while bitching. Maybe using you free time to make a FREE patch? Oh no, you can’t cuz you don’t know programming, hacking or whatever excuse.

    But yeah, let’s do that! Let’s unite and make a HUGE rant because Kajitani needs to work faster and stop joking on her own project in which none of the bitching maniacs here are helping at all. That’s what you were expecting when you woke up in the morning today? Oh you poor thing. Kaji doesn’t need your help, nor your approval. If you are pissed LEAVE, come back after you learn japanese and programming so you can make an amazingly serious translation project and, if you are luck, the patch might be done by then and maybe you won’t even need it anymore.

    True fans my ass, you just can’t control your anxiety and bitching is the perfect scape valve for your everyday frustration. Yeah it takes a lot of maturity to do that. Kaji, you juvenile fool, read their opinions about how you should work and learn something, k?

  7. LJkAze

    No worry Kaji; just get back to work on nd2 and nd3 then i’ll be satisfy ^_^.

  8. lolprogressbar

    BullsEye: “So some people here think you are “true” ToH fans cuz you don’t joke around but Kaji does? LOL what the hell are you doing to feel you are a “true fan”? Perhaps learning japanese? Oh no, you are expecting a FREE english patch while bitching. Maybe using you free time to make a FREE patch? Oh no, you can’t cuz you don’t know programming, hacking or whatever excuse.”

    This. Although I did complain a bit at first..
    *sigh* Off to learn more kanji.

  9. Thames

    Community is really riled up over this sort of thing but it is your site and your decision what to put here. I like all your work on your current projects and I think it is a great service you do for English Tales fans.

  10. Anonymous

    Or he could put the project on an indefinite hiatus like this guy here: http://gbatemp.net/t210746-mugen-no-frontier-exceed-menu-translation?&st=390

    “OK, I’m wasting time. The translation isn’t gonna happen if all you guys can do is whine. I’ll have the topic locked. Sorry for having other things to do besides translating.

    Happy now? “

  11. Vercalos

    Well, the reason I was picking on the guy’s grammar is because the fellow insulted me.

    But you’re right. Shouldn’t have said anything in response.

  12. Freeman

    Just as I thoght…..”please Kaji…don’t listen to what this guy has to say…continue to do your patch..please….don’t listen who can’t read or write Japanese…we pray you finish your work ..please” so it’s your feeling,right?
    I’m sure everyone on this site doesn’t know anything about Japanese,and that’s the reason we search a possible (( but I think impossible)) patch here,nothing more,nothing less.
    You know,if I say”I start a traslation project,here is my demo patch”…then it’s natural that more people gather informations and visit this site from time to time,because they want to play that game,that game Kaji say will be traslated from himself; the problem here is that we are speaking about a child, and his stupid trick and jokes.
    All I’m trying to say is that people have to be more serious,expecially when other people are looking to his job,if it’s free or not you can’t trick us,that’s what I say.
    Hope you can understand this,but maybe no…

  13. Johnson

    ^ Have you ever been to Absolute Zero Translations? There you would see what true ass kissing is, people there would call thoughhim god just so he wouldn’t stop translating Tales of Innocence. It was embarassing to read the posts but I don’t see BullsEye or anybody else here doing anything like that. IMO you are nobody to call yourself mature and call Kajitani a child. A child wouldn’t invest its free time on a free patch, nor would it be smart enough to make it. You call yourself mature but your posts just make you look like a child, a butthurt child that is on a rant because Kajitani’s sense of humor hurt your poor feelings.

    Seriuosly dude, somebody that don’t care about others would never make a translation patch and Kaji’s other patches are enough to make see him as a serious person, since his other projects helped me a lot. IMO you are just an emo child that can’t control your anxiety and is desperately trying to look serious and mature.

  14. Lawl

    Lol. I find that kajitani’s joke posts are updates. I just interpret the posts the opposite way that he posted them, like when he said there weren’t going to be any localized arte names, I just interpreted it that there were indeed going to be localized arte names.

    Same thing with this post. Tales of graces is going to get localised, so we’re going to stop translating the game, but really im guessing it’s saying that just because a tales game is getting localised, doesn’t mean that this translation is going to stop.

  15. throughhim413

    Johnson, are you questioning my divinity? I’ll have you know that in the Devic Era… Yeah, okay, my blog is full of some major ass-kissing. No doubt about that. There were some genuinely grateful people among them, but certainly it can be rather difficult to take people seriously when they call you a god for translating a video game. The comments seemed to grow more reasonable once the project was actually released, so I think your assessment that people were trying to keep me from quitting probably isn’t far off the mark.

    More on topic, thank goodness that Kaji is finally dropping Hearts. Everyone knows that ND2 is where it’s at. He needs to keep his priorities straight.

  16. Pluups

    Dude, if you want to just end the project…do it already. Stop with the jokes.

  17. Kurae

    Well, I think Kaji is dropping Hearts simply because he has finished translating everything…

  18. 30084pm

    OMFG it’s throughhim!!!!

  19. X

    this is so lame… are you trying to condition us to be ok when u do give up or something?

  20. amc9988

    Oh well, let’s just wait and see what will happen from now on.

  21. Ceonn

    You are all missing the point here. Its true, we can’t do this ourselves, so we ask him to do it for us. Thus we have absolutely no right to bitch when he decides to post his updates in the form of jokes. It’s kind of interesting to see the way he’s doing this, but it’s only gonna end up with more butthurt, immature brats like Freeman. Boring imo is better than seeing a bunch of people whine repeatedly.

  22. Simmah

    Poor Kaji. His mailbox must be full of angry spam (not the ham) messages by now… It’s almost february second. In case no one knows, that’s the date which was blurred on the site ataleoftworichards.com . So we may finally get Graces on this side. It’s no tales of hearts, but if this really was cancelled, we still get a pretty good consolation prize.

  23. Solo

    Now I know why Kaji makes these posts, he must be having a blast reading the comments.

  24. lolprogressbar

    @ Solo

    ‘s my take on it as well. The “butthurt” posts would be pretty hilarious to read from his perspective.

  25. Lolnah

    Are you done being a faggot about these posts? This shit isn’t worth reading. Now whenever you post something the first thing I check is for that fucking J/K tag.

    Get back to work, that progress bar hasn’t moved one bit since it’s been up. I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual translation hasn’t moved at all either.

    Fuck you, and fuck your babies too. If you’re that bored about this project, then ditch it already. It’ll probably go faster that way.

  26. Rika

    Um. Okay. Commenters? Chill out, please.

    Here we have a guy who is spending a lot of his time, time that he doesn’t HAVE to spend but is doing so anyway, might I add, making a translation patch for a game that Bamco won’t localize. He’s not getting paid for this. He’s doing this for the enjoyment of himself and of the people who can’t understand moonspeak enough to play the game as is.

    He’s putting a LOT of work into this thing. Are any of you complainers doing anything to help him? No? Didn’t think so. Don’t you think he has the rights to joke around and be an epic troll? Just deal with it. He’s already made a post giving us an idea of what to look for in a joke post, and he didn’t even have to do THAT much. He could have just left us all completely in the dark with it.

    Though, I’m sure he enjoys reading the wangsting y’all do over his jokes. 😛 Bravo on being an epic troll, Kaji. Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for all you’re doing, man. It can’t be easy.

  27. Earthspeaker

    ^Really noble speech, except for the part you call the japanese language “moonspeak” just because you can’t understand it.

    I wonder in which part of the moon Kaji studied japanese. >_>

  28. Aqua

    Yeah, if anything, those of you being butthurt over these joke posts, especially Lolnah above me, are most certainly the douchebags around here.

    “Get back to work”? What the hell guys, are you his boss, or parent or something? It’s been said (not nearly enough) a few times, but this is something done in his freetime. It’s not a job. Not a chore. Not a requirement to pass some class. Something done for FUN.

    Honestly, unless you guys were the ones sitting there doing the translations, I wouldn’t want to see you bossing people around telling them to “Get back to work”, but even then, I wouldn’t wanna see you working on a translation like this anyway. This stuff is pretty stressful, y’know. It can drive a guy crazy; I know you all probably wouldn’t care since you don’t actually know Kaji, but seriously, what’s more important: a translation for a GAME (Yeah. I know. It’s just a game. Who would’ve thought?), or the well-being of the guy doing the translation in the first place? Oh but then you’re probably too wrapped up in thoughts of yourself and the next game you wanna play.

    Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody read this, lol

    TL;DR either be patient and stop being so butthurt, or you can just up and leave. I’m sure you can find something better to do, like have a life. Which I’m sure Kaji has.

    That all being said, I’ll laugh hard when everyone leaves in butthurt, and then Kaji releases the patch. But he only releases it to the few people that stayed and followed him.

    Or something like that.

  29. B boy

    Is Kajitani-Eizan a nickname for a single person or a team name like Absolute Zero? In the “About” section it says various people were important for the site’s projects but doesn’t specify team members like in AZT.

  30. Aqua

    As far as I know, Kajitani-Eizan’s his internet handle; he has a GameFAQs account under that name as well.

  31. Anonymous

    Some of these posts make me facepalm.

  32. Tyson

    Graces F is official now.

    Let’s pack up, guys. Hearts is done for.

  33. TheRootBeerKing

    Wait…I’m confused…What does Tales of Hearts have to do with Graces? I mean why are you stopping translation of Tales of Hearts? They didn’t announce anything regarding that game.

  34. lolprogressbar

    Hearts is Graces. Duh.

  35. Freeman

    Ceonn,continue to beg this childish guy for the patch,you are one like Kaji.
    You really think that Freeman here is the one to blame?
    I’m the one who is mistaken,and not the inconsistent Kaji who has spent the last few months to deceive and fool the people, right?
    you just do not understand that he is having fun in seeing you write your crap, your complaints, none of us pushed or forced to make the patch, it is his decision, he may do whatever he wants with the patch, he can do whatever he wants with his project, but can not take the piss out of people, because that’s what he’s doing, and he has always done so.
    if he don’t want to end, having the courage to say it,that’s all;
    the more time passes, the more I realize that there is no room for old time players like me; respect is something that everyone should have.
    Now go ahead, write, you will demonstrate just what you are, and I know already who you are Ceonn , and so do other people now.

  36. Zio Name

    Oh, Kaji you silly boy. I’m not angry, i relly love your jokes, they made me laugh a lot. I see them like a “progress report”, where the message is “The more i troll, the more i’m near finishing the project”. Don’t bother with the suckers, just ignore them and continue at your own pace. I’m a game translator too, so i know how much this “job” can be stressful.

    So, in the end, i just wanted you to know that you have my support.

    P.S.: Please, everyone, stop bitching.

  37. yalue

    Here’s to hoping for an epically awesome April fool’s update.

  38. Kezzer

    Hey there ^_^ … thanks for the update, I guess this means your moving along with things. I interperet your posts as the opposite XD. Would be nice to get some actual release time frame though?

    thanks for making the patch 🙂

  39. Sune


    Hearts is 10x better than Innocence, dont drop this!

  40. DalerMehndi

    Kaji, I fucking love you (in a non-homosexual way). This is comedy gold (the comments).

  41. Timeless

    As far as I know Eizan is a japanese name for guys. How can telling a guy you “fucking love” him not be homossexual? Silly boy.

  42. Tempus

    Guys, everyone really needs to chill out.

    The more astute of you may have known that Kajitani-Eizan is the Hindu goddess of anger. http://www.wikipedia.org/Kajitani-Eizan

    This is exactly the reason why Kaji has picked this nick. Every time you bitch, moan, or complain, you are only making her more powerful. She thrives on your anger and hatred, and attempts to continuously invoke it. If you want her to complete the translation, you can’t just feed her like a glutton, you need to keep your anger moderate to keep her motivation up, or she’ll just devolve into more trolling.

    Kajitani-Eizan, I just want to say to you that we understand you and aren’t getting angry. Everyone else should tell her that you understand too.

  43. Anomamous

    please halt all translation works of ToH. i perfer Absolute Zero instead

  44. Randomonious75

    Guys, read the tags. It has J/K in them. Last I checked, so did all the other joke posts. Nice job. You had me until I read with my eyes.

  45. DalerMehndi


    Because… I’m only gay with you ;D

  46. Flingz Zappeti

    You have my whole and total support ! Keep bringing us this big baby, your demo was awesome and epic and your completed patch will be x1000 times that !

    Greetings and Affection from France !

    Bon courage !

  47. A Walrus in Heat

    I’m really sad to hear that the project isn’t going to continue. I was really looking forward to replaying Hearts in english 🙁

  48. Ex

    >implying that Kaji isn’t a fat, ronery male

  49. Anonymous

    >implying that we aren’t all ronery.

  50. Ex

    >implying that all roneriness is equal

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