Tales of Hearts

An ongoing effort to translate Tales of Hearts into English.

Current Status: On Hold (Official Localization of Remake/Demake Confirmed)

Previous Major Contributors: [top secret individual] — translation, some editing; Kingcom — consulting, code contribution

Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download for the Lazy]

Tales of Hearts Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download] [Readme]


Q. Help, it doesn’t work! xdelta says something cryptic like “XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. Why your patch doesn’t work?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but it just might be that your INPUT is INVALID. Make sure you have selected the .xdelta patch as the “Patch” and your clean copy of the game as the “Source File”. If it doesn’t work, chances are good that your ROM is corrupted, trimmed, or patched with something else (i.e. not clean).

Q. Why I can’t load savegame?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I am glad to see that you have exhausted all available resources that may address your issue before giving up and wasting everyone’s time by asking stupid questions. To answer your question, you must have a Nintendo 4DS Advance, or loading of your saved games will not work.

Q. Where is Translator’s Cut patch?!?! It’s impossible to find!!1

A. Thank you for your question. Have you considered reading the post? It just might help you figure out where the patch is. Still can’t find it? Are you sure you read the post? The entire post? Try reading it again. Still can’t find it? Sorry, but you must have a Sony Playstation SP Series S, or the download link will not appear.

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459 responses to “Tales of Hearts”

  1. Curi

    So there isnt any demo patch that translate more than 1st town?

  2. Mike

    I find it amusing that in the time it’s taken to translate this game, I’ve since learned the Japanese language and have already beaten it myself. Mind you, I’m not a pro, but I know enough. You all could learn something from me. Anyways, good effort. And even if you weren’t helpful to me, Kaji, I give you props for your awesome sense of humor. Thank you for the laughs I’ve received from all your troll posts.

  3. LORD

    kaji the world going to end sooner plss. complete the translation…joke hahahaha!

  4. Fan-Translations on Mass |

    […] Tales of Hearts […]

  5. LORD

    kaji marry christmas ,,,i hope u realese the complete translation now…our gift on christmas

  6. Sleeping_Hollow

    i had completed this translation script..
    but i dunno how to make that translation script on game..
    in fact my translation script its still in .TXT file..

  7. Sleeping_Hollow

    here if i can help you all to translate this game..

  8. Sleeping_Hollow

    to finished it, i mean..

  9. Miles Teg

    I am startign to think this project is as real as the crown3DS flashcard

  10. finalholylight

    hi there, I already finish 1st town gameplay, how amazing the translation patch 😡 , plsss complete this project soon 😡 , plsss

  11. bader

    T_T can you make it work on my nintendo ds to load my save file please. cant afford to buy a 3ds

  12. SoniaBane

    So, by saying that you need a 3DS… You mean to say that you can only play this on a Supercard DSTwo? If that’s true, then that sucks.
    I can’t afford one of those. ._.

    Nor can I afford any of the other cards that work for the 3DS.

    Royally sucks…

  13. HeroOfGames16

    Why do I have this gut feeling that Tales of Hearts is probably one of the best Tales games of all time? The graphics, the battle system, the character designs — they look so awesome. The plot is also pretty cool, though I don’t know the whole story, obviously.
    The day this fan translation is finished, will be the day that I finally have that feeling of how the people felt when after long waiting, they got to witness the finished Mother 3 fan translation :D.

  14. Aaron

    Please don’t leave this half finished like your other projects.

  15. Inca

    =D Hi! The demo patch is really cool. I was wondering how the progress is for the full patch? Also, I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help, because I think it’s really cool what’s you’re doing!

  16. DontBeThatGuy

    Since it appears Namco isn’t going to translate the Vita version of Hearts, you’re our only hope Kaji. So, to maybe give you some incentive (we all need incentives) I think I’m going to profess some man-love to you. The longer it takes, the more man-love you’re going to get! Here is the first of many (I hope not!) to come:

    “It started with friendship, ended with hate,
    But stars wanted for me, a different fate,
    We met again, fell in love, recreated the glory,
    For every true lover, such is the love story!”

  17. zzz

    kaji, are you still alive?

  18. Tidus

    Good luck guys translating it !!!! How I donate??

  19. BoaHancock

    Mero Mero Mellow
    Pistol Kiss
    Slave Arrow

    There, I just killed this project.

  20. kalonk

    soo umm any update on the project?

  21. hue

    here’s an update: if kaji had an update he’d fucking post it. don’t bug him with these retarded questions.

  22. Microhard

    The only one behaving like a retard is you, getting all aggressive over a simple question.

  23. Joe

    Keep up the great work!!!

  24. Locke

    so.. we are in May in nothing of the translation yet.. sigh.

  25. Freeman

    You know,I’m sure this project was started with good intentions,the same good intentions of Brad in Pulp Fiction ; S.L. Jackson has really appreciated that attitude of Brad when he was trying to explain…too bad for Brad,because we all know how that story ends,and it’s exactly as this one will end,with people flaming and shouting at Kaji and his excuses ((if even)).
    If we can have some serious talented guy as the one who realized Tales of Vesperia browser,it will be awesome;Vesperia wasn’t traslated by anyone as of now,and seeing how “perfectly perfect”C.Nocturnal wants to be its project,someone started using the script they provided in their site,and…in less than a month,repeat,less than a month,this guy released his first browser,almost 100%complete.
    Now we can play Vesperia,having in one hand the dual shock,and on the other a portable system ((3DS for me)) showing us everything popped up in our Tv while we play.
    Now,maybe we can ask Kaji all his script ,maybe we can wait some other years,maybe we can gangbang him,what shall we do?
    Wait? Ok,so just continue waiting

    I was one of the first visiting this site,trolling and raping Kaji in almost every my post

  26. StahnMan2

    Imagine this translation in the game: A translator (Kaji) is running around talking to everyone translating everything there saying for the sake of this project. That explains its longevity because there’s so much dialogue in these games! Kaji (in game) must be exhausted from all that running, flying, boating so he’s got his work cut out for him. I can see him collasped on the overworld XD!

  27. Soma... err... you know already

    I noticed something, is logic but still…. look at the progress bar…. it says “A progress bar”, it doesn`t say: translation project progress, or patch progress, or tales of hearts progress bar, they may finish the patch when we don`t even notice, remember that this guy like to play prnaks like a Joker… and like me!!

  28. Gigadra (D.asbellhant)

    Can anyone tell me how can I save this game? Are there other methods to save it?

  29. LOLED

    hahaha, dude. You can’t save because he disabled that option.

  30. HERT

    i just wnat to know something, the game when its gonna be fandubed on its totality?

  31. A TROLL


    It was not posted here, it was posted in this Translation page, also it seems that it was finished two weeks ago!!!!!

    LINK: [deleted]

  32. MNTX

    So….. when its going to be finished?

  33. Fingaprintz

    *waits and lurks*

    …Seriously though, I check this site at least three times a day for some reason. Habit. :/
    I do have better things to do, too, but I guess this is my way of putting them off for the two seconds it takes to see that there’s no update.

  34. Leviathain

    “When will it be finished?” You ask? Never. It wont be finished till its finished, so until then. It will never be done. 😛

  35. MNTX

    Leviathain Fuck you seriously

  36. Fingaprintz

    ^ Someone can’t handle the truth.
    If you expect a better answer than “The release happens when the release happens,” you haven’t been following this for very long.

  37. Zaane

    well in the meantime Eternal Blue patch is out <3 Romhacking Aerie

  38. StahnMan

    Cant wait to try this game.

  39. MNTX

    Fingaprintz am following this site for a year and like all people here i cant wait to play this game

  40. Francisco

    Nice to read you are translating this game. I’ll follow your RSS feed. Good luck, guys!

  41. fatkidlikescaketoomuch

    Why is this taking so long? The Tales of Innocence translation was done years ago. Cmon this is craaaaaazy. I’m gonna hold my breath until this is completed!

  42. LORD

    its been a while,,but still ,,,still no progress,,what a disappointment,,,

  43. LORD

    i thought that if i visit this site after a several months there will be a new,,but still,,,still as old as before,,just a demo

  44. StahnMan2

    yes I check here everyday idk why but I have hope. Be mindful Christmas is coming 😉

  45. mike

    Can you really trust this guy? He hasn’t finished shit so far.

  46. BAlor

    LOLOL, i didn’t notice that Kanji updated the front page, rewriting “you must have a Nintendo 4DS advanced” LOLOL

  47. Leviathain

    The collection of Screen Shots looks great. The final product is sure to be quality work. I look forward to being able to play Hearts in English even more now.

  48. LORD

    kaji happy new year!!

    where is the complete patch?!

  49. blackmail777

    you’ll get the complete patch when you’ll be ready to kick the bucket 😛

  50. Soundtoxin

    Just came across this page. I’ve gotten interested in the Tales series in recent years. Tried Phantasia when I was pretty young and recently started playing through Symphonia, so I went through the list of mainseries games on Wikipedia and wrote down the ones that were on Nintendo systems AND localized. Along the way I noticed that Wikipedia itself stated Tales of Innocence has an unofficial translation, so I started looking to see if Tales of Hearts had one as well. This page seems to be full of empty promises and broken dreams, but I’m commenting anyway to show that there are still people interested in a translation for this game.

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