4 responses to “Signs of Localization Playing Across One’s Face”

  1. itsyaboi

    cool read like always bro, really got me to understand the kor of the issue. i love not being on twitter

  2. tainguyen

    tl;dr: all talk, no progress

  3. Blackkat101

    …I still check back every once in a while in hopes of a Tales of Hearts fan translation.

    I know it won’t ever be done (at least from this site), but I do hope it gets a proper translation at some point.

    Tales of Hearts R is just too much of a pain to read to get through and I personally don’t play Tales games only for their gameplay.

    On Unicorn Overlord, many of those translation issues were thankfully fixed (I’m not actually sure if any were missed after the latest patch that also added in the extra challenges after beating the game). So it was really nice to see that the devs were still working on it and the auto DLC was all free too (they’ve mentioned there will be no paid for DLC for their game, which is great).

    Overall, very happy with Unicorn Overlord.

  4. Flamzeron

    While I was a Hearts R defender back then, and I’ve developed a distaste for fan-translation white knighting and trying to pass off cultural syntax for “nuance”, I do agree that 8-4 dropped the ball quite hard lately. I think they were in charge of the initial Ys 8 translation and it was clear that they’ve developed a bit of an ego, in my opinion. It sounds like, from my quick glance at this article, that they haven’t really changed much. That’s a shame. Though, they don’t work with the franchises I follow anymore, so I guess it’s not my problem. Either way, I hope they learn soon.

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