54 responses to “A Crash Korse in How Not to Localize”

  1. Not Telling You

    Anyone ever tell you bitch a little too much?

  2. Mika

    Are there any games with something you consider to be genuinely good translations that you can reference as comparisons?

  3. Anon

    It’s so bad it’s to the point of being unplayable.

  4. Signs of Localization Playing Across One’s Face

    […] Hello all, and hope you are doing well. Today I thought I would comment further on a contentious topic that has been discussed a lot recently — localization. tl;dr: Don’t guesslate, translate faithfully, and if you do want to intentionally change something, have a clear reason to do so and do your due diligence first. Or in other words, like I’ve always said, When in doubt, If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It. Clearly 8-4 didn’t take this lesson to kor in the intervening decade since their previous debacle. […]

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