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  1. el d00d

    Given the apparent suckiness of Tales of The Tale That Must Not Be Named, you should totally release a translation for A certain DS version that doesnt suck instead. Just wait until after the Unnamed One has sold all it will sell and then no harm done. 🙂

    ^ there, I did it, got that post out of the way.
    Anyway, thank ye for the update and best of luck with translation stuffs.

  2. Tales of Innocence Cheat Code

    […] off at the con. If you need more updates on Tales happenings in the mean time, Kajitani-Eizan posted an update on what’s happening in the world of […]

  3. KenHacker

    Good to see kaji posting after a long while. Keep it up my good sir.

  4. X

    Time will heal, Kaji.

    PS. Did anyone else find the fully translated TOH patch hidden on this page? Not the demo. I’m running now on my flashcart and past the first three villages, fully translated. Leave it to Kaji to release on April Fools. Never gets old does it?

  5. Sampras87

    Thank you for the work guys!!

  6. Shrimpy

    Nice try, X. Unfortunately, Kaji didn’t post this article on April Fools – you did.

  7. X

    *sigh* Because Kaji only trolls on exactly April fools when it is predictable.

    Hint: Chrome Developer Tools

  8. ...

    I think Kaji will post it in a spectacular way if it is released, but I think that have to wait till 2020.

  9. Big

    He would probably convince other people to hide and host the patch link on their own website instead of here just to screw with us all.

  10. Shrimpy

    Don’t give him ideas now… :p

  11. Del

    “Work on ToPX, NDX, ToIR, ToDR, and ToD2 continues smoothly as before.”

    ToIR? Is this a sneaky reveal or a sneaky troll effort?

  12. Togami



    Is he talking about the ps2 or the PSP version?

  13. Kenhacker

    Tales of Hearts ds fever is certainly dying ever since that awful release. I don’t know about you guys, but I still want to play the ds version.

    willing to wait 1937252839161 years.

  14. LORD

    i love to play it,,if possible too before my ds went nuts!!

  15. Big

    Recently replayed the one demo patch and found Hisui’s additional Hi-Ougi in one of the stats on his titles. Time sure flies, huh? I’ve been following this project since I started high school and have long since graduated.

    I hope one day my grandchildren can enjoy Tales of Hearts in English on DS :”)

  16. Lodin

    Seriously, just abandon this project.
    Nobody cares anymore, I appreciate it that you atleast tried once, but who cares about the game now? Noone does.
    Do something else instead.

  17. Big

    I care 😉

  18. Blackkat

    As do I =^.^=

    – Kat

  19. Togami

    I’d rather wait that the children of my children play this game than buy a Vita.

  20. Nova

    So…Hearts is coming out right? I’m about 5 hours into Hearts R and I’m gonna just sell it. Outside of Tempest it’s the worst Tales I’ve ever played, and looking at Hearts/Playing the Director’s Cut, god how did R even become a thing?

    I really want to enjoy Hearts and that crapfest R isn’t gonna cut it. Don’t leave us hanging!

  21. Dubai Ubar

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