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  1. Ritora

    Number of awful Namco translations in the last 10 years: 2
    Number of Kajitani Eizan translations in the last 10 years: 0

  2. tyson

    damn kaji ritora got u good
    hey bamco devs i hope you read comments i love you please respond

  3. Timber

    What are your thoughts on the character names, which seem to largely be romanizations of the Japanese names rather than localized to something that makes more sense to an English-speaking audience? “Mikleo” feels really clunky, and “Lailah” doesn’t look like it should be pronounced the way it is.

  4. Naridar

    Whatever, it’s coming to Steam! Wheeeeeee!

  5. Minohoro

    It’s good to see you’re keeping an open mind on this game and it’s localization Kaji. You’re better than most other people.

    I hope when the game is released here they iron out the technical problems and give us a game to remember.

    And then keep that version of the game here so that the Alisha terrorists can get more mad.

  6. A true to life fan

    The amount of time you waste assuming they care is unprecedented… Precious time that could be used for your project. Ever since the localizatin of Tales of Hearts R, I’ve lost all respect for you.

    Like, your words speak for themselves. “actually listened to my ranting from last time”? Please! Bandai Namco probably has little to no interest in a team of illegitimate translators who barely breach 50 comments a post.

    On that note, they also don’t have 4-5 years to effin’ translate their projects! They have a year if they’re lucky these days, and all of their games are relatively expansive. To be so ignorant about their work, and nitpick at the STUPIDEST things, like character spacing. And your dialogue nitpicks make less flippin’ sense than the dialogue itself:

    “Eagles attack while retreating!”
    “So it’s best to attack right after!”
    I literally interpreted that as attack immediately after they do. I thought I was wrong because you said it was confusing to you, but it turns out that’s exactly what they meant! Why is it I can read it the way it’s meant to be read, but you have to refer back to the Japanese version to be sure?

    You’ve gone so far off the deepend, losing sight of what really matters. And that’s bringing forth your passion for what you’re doing.

    Which is how I started following this site, because it was so legitimate!

    Somewhere along the way you lost that. Now all you do is nitpick and call back to TALES OF HEARTS R, about how it’s an awful game. I personally really enjoyed it. I’ve played every localized game and a few thay haven’t been, but I still don’t ASSUME people see merit in my opinion.

    Bandai Namco has FINALLY started showing the West respect by actually letting us have that game, opening the possibilty for more in the future. Why would you immediately attack them and manifest a possible outcome where they say “screw it” to localizing anything?

    Your god-of-all-things-translated complex has become too much for me to stomach, and if anything makes me disappointed before angry.

    I don’t know what I expected coming back here, and I probably won’t return. Any and all authenticity you harboured is gone and forgotten.

  7. Blackkat

    Of course we sadly have to assume that the Hearts fan translation that we desperately want to play is on hold indefinitely, but is there anything that could bring it off of hold? Such as something as simple as time? Or say a new nintendo/playstation handheld (so that a it would then be a translation for an old system that games are no longer being made for)?

    I do at least enjoy your posts =^.^=

    From an ever hopeful,
    – Kat

  8. Big

    Why are you even wasting your time on Zestiria in the first place, Kaiji? That game is mediocre and it can be awful for all I care. With how little Bamco gives a shit about effort or quality I have very little to care about for this series anymore. Following your translation and playing the older stuff is all that really keeps me coming.

  9. Minohoro

    …. did you even play it?

  10. Big

    I already played it, not fun imo. Will be ok with the Steam release since mod potential and plenty of backgrounds to snatch up.

  11. Minohoro

    Well if that’s the case then alright then. I still se a lot of positive thoughts on this game so I wish you don;t just try to write it off for people.

  12. Derman

    I don’t find this post of Zestiria’s translation stuff pointless at all. I enjoyed reading this, I bet Kaji likes to dig up stuff like this and come up with better stuff. Yes, the game might not be that good by your (limited) experience, and Bamco’s localization team or whatever might not give a crap about Kaji’s complaints, but it doesn’t mean no-one should discuss the matter. That’s part of the fun.

    As a side note, can’t wait to see someone mod the horrible texture quality of Symphonia once the PC version releases.

  13. Pedantic

    While I’m all for consistency in terminology, as much as the word “Arcane” might feel different from “Hidden”…. they’re actually pretty synonymous in terms of base meaning. Arcane literally means something secretive (i.e. hidden). The only real difference is that one is in obvious common usage and the other is more archaic, which I suppose is why it may carry more evocative connotations. But in terms of raw meaning, they’re not much different. Just wanted to point that out.

  14. Trill

    @Kaji Hey, just wanted to say I found your posts about localization errors pretty interesting! I mean, there’s nothing to lose by posting them, y’know? Keep it up dude ^^ But I just wanted to say, while Hearts is on hold, can’t you work on the Narikiri Dungeon games for GBA? I really enjoy them but with only parts of the story translated I really…just quit after a while. I’m just giving this as an idea for you to work on something cool while hearts is still on indefinite hold.
    But yeah, I have to agree with you, I mean, I understand what that one guy was saying about localization time n stuff but that doesnt mean they could do a mediocre job either. I mean honestly, Tales of Hearts R and the Sword Art Online game are 2 games I REALLY regret purchasing. I mean, ToHR was WAY better than SAO, but still. I didn’t like them even if they are fun. Um, anyway, sorry, just thought I’d give you an idea on something to work on xD

  15. Minohoro

    Say Kaji, a question.

    I’m sure you’re aware of the mystic arte dlc for Zestiria. Mikleo get’s Loni’s final prayer, Lailah get’s kongwai’s Silent end and Alisha get’s Leia’s Soulstoke Celebration. I was wondering what you would consider the best way to translate all 3 of those for the western release.

  16. MabiZerk

    Kaji, have you watched this video: https://www.segalization.com/2015/06/06/sam-mullen-explains-japanese-to-english-game-localization-at-momocon/

    It does a good job at explaining the localization process and what risks and sacrifices have to be made to release a product westward. Many of the changes you listed in this article and others may cost too much to warrant them being fixed or it could be too late to fix them.

  17. Minohoro

    Oh no kaji, I didn’t mean names. I meant incantations. Sorry, should’ve made it clearer.

  18. Kirijo

    I really wish the official localization team cared as much about the series as you do, Kaji.

  19. Minohoro

    I was just interested in how you would localize it, given on how passionate you are about the art of arte naming. Those two do sound pretty goo though.

  20. Catdude

    Kaji, may I suggest that you work on the Keroro Rpg Translation?

  21. Asbel1

    Bandi namco is lazy look at tales of vesperia Xbox 360 bad transation ps3 english patch is better than xbox 360 because story understand more than xbox 360. Tales of zestria is rip off tales of rebirth is story is hellions like virus in tales of rebirth bandi can’t do good story they fucken lazy.

  22. Decus

    I’m glad they started putting text for in-battle dialogue and after battle dialogue since the english dub is pretty bad. Cup of Tea used to do their old dubs decently and the groups they’ve gotten together–uncredited since not all in-union–for graces f and the xillia titles were decent too. Like, to the point that the voice director was obviously getting more out of the actors than they put into dubbed anime.

    Does not seem to be the case at all this time around and has me worried they’ll continue to just give us dual audio with phoned in english dubs since at this point it’s likely cheaper. I got similar vibes from the Type-0 dub and that’s a final fantasy title, with otherwise decent actors! Just weren’t pushed to not give lazy readings. Dual Audio is a very mixed blessing, it seems.

  23. RG

    To be fair, Zestiria is awful. How much of it is in the true Tales vein? Having characters die off, is one thing, but it’s supposed to be tragic and meaningful. To have one character replace another, bluntly, is a bad move.
    The amount of arts is cut in half due to the NEED of fusion, it’s mandatory for the other half of the artes.

    Namco has been doing awful with their games from the get go. Almost every other release shafts the Japanese market, see how every game they have gets a V2 creation. God Eater, while nice, ended up getting 2 bursts, not uncommon, but Sword Art followed suit with it’s Vita version and then PS4 version. And it started off on the PSP. Digimon Re:Digitize was so poorly done they redid the core story itself for the 3DS version.

    The same case is obvious with Vesperia. They’ve even done it again with cybersleuth in Japan. I really feel bad for Japanese fans. They get shitted on due to greed. It’s not even close to passion if they can re-release something at full price with stuff that “could” have been there.

    Their overseas work is barely better, because they cut out the previous releases and choose not to bring over every other thing. Unlike SEGA’s JP/US branches, which are two sides of a coin, Namco is more or less the same thing….the differences of US/JP for them..it’s not much. Xillia was -decent-. 2’s terminology was going downhill. Corpse Shell was cool..but being named after a spider? Ew. and they already have English mystic artes.. I mean..seriously, when the hi ougi themselves are ENGLISH words, they’re wasting time and money rewriting them to be “cool” and “unique”.

    And the Alisha business practice..They didn’t do anything that bad in ToD R, giving you an actual different way to play. I would’ve loved Alisha more had she died. The problem here is..it’s just not Tales.

    The reason Tales of Zestiria is really disliked is the simple fact of, it’s not Tales. The heart and soul of it is the versatility you can have. In Xillia 2, you can use skins and play how you please. You’re not limited or restricted, save for Ludger. Silent voiceless protagonist is stupid because..that’s not Tales. Veigue spoke quite a bit and had the life, he was as silent as they got.

    And then there’s pronunciations. Xillia had awful pronunciations. They chose to keep Milla as me-lla. Then why Mikleo as Mikleo? Mikuleo was a thing people had gone with. The hilarious part? ToZ crossed over with PSO. Mikuleo would be a very nice touch.

    The main problem is, localization these days simply treat it as a project. Not much heart or soul put into it anymore.

    And people chastising Kaji for not liking the way English things work? You do realize he’s much more devoted to Tales than you people could be, y’know, aside translations, he’s still, at the very least, interested in going to these educational rants. He looks at the Japanese names, y’know, because if you remove the J out of a “JRPG”, it’s not really “J” at all. If anything, it’s like any other J-RPG. badly translated, rewritten.

    Having 6 party members is very timeless with early Tales games. The problem? This game has 8, kills one off, and REMOVES one. Scripted writing is not valid reasoning.

    I used to love Tales with a passion. Now, it’s meh. Beseria, maybe it can fix something. Otherwise, Tales just isn’t so special anymore.

    Also..you guys know that some “translations” are actually rewritten and are essentially fanfics, right? And how about NISA and Aksys? I don’t know if they’re better or worse than Namco…but they’re all pretty damned awful..
    What I want? Actual care in a game. The heart and soul of a bunch of people condensed into one package. They made it in Japan, they wrote it in Japanese. I’d like to hear what they wrote, not what some douchebags want. There are actual games that are pretty much rewritten. I forgot a good example, but, eh. Fan Translations are created because they want to either bring it over, or redo what was awfully done.

    And writing out consistency for..who knows why, shows how much heart and soul is truly put into it. If you can just say time and money..then, they’re not really trying that hard. Look at XSEED, while most of their translations are shoddy, they pushed back SC for..pretty much, years. And they even decided to do Sen no Kiseki I & II. That’s a huge gamble over what could net them nothing depending. And to boot, they’re even throwing in what could be an atrocious English dub. Don’t tell me Namco can’t do shit. They’ve got a bigger company, and even took the leisure to bring back old voices to do clips for Symphonia “HD”.

    I mean..we’re just fortunate Zestiria is simply Zestiria.

    I want to love Tales. But it’s hard to with the more recent tales…whole actual original writing being sucky, and the lack of passion of the Tales series as a whole from both Namco branches. Xillia having a fairly shoddy story..worsening with Xillia 2 in some ways..then Zestiria lacking any real zest.

    Lengthy rant, but whatever. Like Kaji says, it’s not like many people care to actually ready or do anything about things one person says. It’s reality.

  24. Eidn

    I was wondering what your opinion would be on the translation of Zestiria’s Mystic Arte, like Enbu Rengekiha – Concerto Infernus, Rangetsuryuu Kawasemi – Jade Luminescence, etc..

    Since I started visiting your site, and thoroughhim413’s, your ‘rants’ about Arte translations has always been the ones that fascinated me the most.

  25. Alex

    @Kaji: Make your voice heard in the official Zestiria poll http://bnent.eu/surveyToZ

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