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  1. Alex

    Well I finished the PS4 version with english audio and I think this game has a fresh feel to it. I also noticed the mentioned issues with the text but I just didn’t care. I mean, who really cares if text is not “word-wrapped” or
    slightly inaccurate phrases are used to
    describe something?
    This is a game, not a book damnit! The story is good, the characters are great (Edna :3), there are many funny skits and sad moments and the battle system is fun.

    One thing that is definitely complicated is the skill system. I didn’t like it. This game makes it basically pointless to upgrade to new weapons when you can just enhance your existing ones. I finished the game with a freakin Calcit Sword! I miss the old days when you find a new powerful weapon, equip it, and your stats increase plenty. Here you find a new weapon, check if it has the right skills/normin attached to it and whether it increases stats you want and decreases stats you don’t want.

    I also didn’t like the exclusive pre-order mystic artes, not because they are not powerful enough or fancy to look at (quite the opposite), but because they are pretty hard to trigger! You can only trigger them during a 50-hit combo. Not once did I accomplish that! Also I find it kinda hilarious that you get a mystic arte for Alisha but can’t use it at all because she leaves the party, lol.

    Speaking of Alisha, I don’t know, I feel like at some point Alisha was planned as a permanent member of the group, indicated that you can buy equipment for her throughout the game, but they scrapped her for whatever reason. To me personally it’s not a big deal and I definitely think the japanese outrage has no merit. I don’t feel like she was bullied by the group at all. I don’t even get where this comes from to begin with.

    This games leaves an opening for a true sequel and I do hope it will get one, but I too doubt it’s gonna happen, thanks to the japanese obsession with waifus.

    Also one word to @Kaji: One thing you mentioned about the artes in your last blog is that why did they came up with hidden, martial and seraphic artes instead of the classic base and arcane artes. Before I played the game, I was wondering this myself, but now that I played it, I understand their decision. Base and Arcane artes just didn’t fit with the seraphim/human mechanic. Seraphic artes can only be casted by the seraphim or in armatized state while martial artes can’t be executed in armatized state. Hidden artes can only be casted/executed by humans and in armatized state, but not by seraphim. So how do you mix this if you only have Base and Arcane artes available? Wouldn’t the player wonder why you couldn’t do a simple Base arte in armatized state or an Arcane arte with a seraphim? They needed to seperate humans from seraphim in regards to their battle moves. Hope that makes sense 😛

  2. kys

    Better rename this to a “complain blog”

  3. Michael

    The best part of the note:

    “Hopefully Stuff will Happen in 2016!”

  4. x

    Luckily the steam version has some awesome fan-made improvements.


  5. Big

    Where’s DS Hearts, yo?

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