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  1. StorMyu

    Time travel is always better on a Pizza !

  2. KOL_Tales

    Congrats on the release and thank you! Another great April Fools post as usual. Always looking forward to all of your projects.

  3. James Carl Manzano

    Haha I’m excited for next year’s April Fool’s already.

  4. Michael Prado

    Great April’s Fools just for this one!

  5. hmsong

    I gotta say. It’s been years since ToH R was released, and I doubt you releasing the DS version will affect its sales revenue. I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Please release the 99% finished patch, blah blah blah. Those of us who don’t speak Japanese don’t even know who Kunzite is (much less anything about him), since your initial translation only covers the first 10 min of the game, and 2nd translation doesn’t really have Kunzite scene.

    Also, if you aren’t going to release ToH, have you considered working on Keroro RPG for the NDS? It’s an excellent Tales game (yes, it’s a Tales game), and it’s great. Imho, it’s even better than ToH in gameplay. I’m willing to pitch in to help make that into reality.

  6. Tal

    It’s a Tales game in the same way Lost Paradise, or Hokuto ga Gotoku, is a Yakuza game. Same team, same gameplay. While I agree Keroro isn’t technically a Tales game, by all accounts that matter to most players, it’s more of a Tales game than most if not all of the escort titles. And it’s certainly better than most of them. It was made by Tales Studio, a studio that exists solely to make Tales games.

    Also, in a developer interview, they stated something to the effect that it would use many of the familiar systems and mechanics just as the other games in the franchise before it had, suggesting that at least the developers considered it a Tales game as they developed it.

  7. that guy, you know the one

    Hey there, I’m overjoyed that you’re still working on this after all this time. Looking foward to the day I can finally play ND3 fully in English!

    I have a question though. Just out of curiosity, why did you decide to change Frio and Kyaro’s names to “Julio” and “Caro”?

  8. that guy, you know the one

    Where did the wiki get those names from?

    Frio and Kyaro sound like they could be names though, and it’s not like this series is any stranger to just making up words and names. (A isn’t “Kyaro” the name of a town in Suikoden 2? Not that that game has any relation to the Tales series, but I have seen that word before.)

    I dunno, suddenly changing their names after all these years seems kinda…

  9. that guy, you know the one

    I’ve never heard of that artbook before.

    Also, I feel like using the name “Roleplayer” for the main characters’ abilities sounds kinda silly. “Narikirishi”, while technically not translated, sounds cooler. Sometimes using foreign language words for the names of things just works better, you know?

    That’s just my opinion on the matter. Consider it just some feedback for you though.

  10. Tal

    I can only assume Roleplayer sounds silly to you because it isn’t in “cool” Japanese. It’s appropriate for what the intended meaning is and quite honestly is such a tiny detail to complain about that the only thing I can imagine it would do is demotivate Kajitani Eizan.

  11. Anon

    What are the chances of you covering the Vesperia remaster’s garbage localization?

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