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  1. Timber

    I think the most annoying part about this is back when they localized Radiant Mythology, they intentionally kept Woodrow’s name as Garr because they wanted to maintain consistency, but I guess now they just don’t care about it anymore. Do they not realize that there’s a rock/mineral theme naming thing going on…? Do they not care enough to go back to previous localizations in the series to make sure they’re not arbitrarily renaming characters who just made cameos 2 games ago (or 3 depending on when ToX2 comes out)…? Also I think I’ll cry if they don’t go with Hisui for Jadeite/Jaden, now that it’s official that they’re going with Kohaku for Amber.

  2. This pains me to the Kor

    […] seen. Like, okay, the references for this name are not as obvious as some of the other characters. Kaji has a number of possibilities he throws around for Xing/Shing, all of which make infinitely more sense than Kor, which I can only assume was pulled out of a hat […]

  3. BigAl

    Even Kaji doesn’t know what the hell Kor means?! Who will explain it then?

  4. Guren

    Sending a copy/paste of these posts directly to Namco? And I wouldn’t be surprised if the localization for this game was handled by a company that didn’t work on the other Tales. You know, big mothership titles -> good loc team. Minor tales -> whoever does the job for the cheapest price.

  5. Arn

    Kor Meteor Kaji, sigh…

    but yeah, I don’t get it either, we should spam the rep twitter with #korisnotshing

  6. Groundhog

    Shing=Kanji for Tool and Heart

    Kor=Latin for Heart

    Badda bing badda boom, localiztion, how do they work!?

    Seriously ya’ll bustas need to stop trippin.

  7. Roger

    [Deleted at the request of the original poster]

  8. Arn


    Heart in latin is with C not K.

  9. Guren

    Maybe that “I’ve found you” repeated three times was considered boring…

  10. Arn

    What’s “Will”? Spiria?

  11. Egyptians

    Well, Kohaku and Hisui are supposed to be not-Asian, while Kor here… isn’t. So it makes sense to keep their names the same while changing Shing to Kor, I guess.

  12. Arn

    There’s no friggin’ sense in this, even more if they don’t plan on dubbing the game.

  13. Kazuk Nambu

    my god that subtitule was awful, is devil may cry 3 spanish sub all over again

  14. Crowmeister

    Very odd choices by the localization team. But hopefully this is a placeholder done by a marketing-team?
    It’s possible that the REAL localization-team wasn’t involved in this.

    Though I will be buying the game to show Namco US/EU that we ARE interested in more Tales games. But I’m not sure how to tell them we’d rather have the DS title……..

    @Kaji, soooo throughhim said the translation is on pause for now, does he speak for himself or the whole project?

  15. lcy

    so… will we have an anime version and a 3d model version of this?? -_-ll

    Could anyone at namco tell me just what type of drugs were they taking when they decided to say fk continuity? So, in the next tales game, will their name be changed again to something else?

  16. MegaHeroes16

    You better stick to Shing when you’re gonna continue with the fan translation later on, bro.

  17. April Fool's

    Kaji don’t like Namco translation == Kaji releases his own translation

  18. Emiru

    At least we’ll have an official English translation without having to wait 5 years for some fan translation… lol

  19. Anon

    @Emiru I would rather wait 6 more years for a translation that i know it will be good than playing a game translated by monkeys in a dark room like the trailer

  20. Ra

    Good luck then, Anon. I will buy the game and play in my Vita, better this with a official translation where only the main’s name are changed than wait for 13 years with a stupid troll who doesnt know if he will translate, joke or play change the game content or his name.

  21. Arn

    Tbh I’m expecting more the Translator’s Cut than the actual translation since I’ve played Herts like 3 times or something.

  22. Nem

    I dont really care what he is named aslong as it isnt ridiculous. It is obvious that Shing was supposed to be called Kokoro but the team didnt change it in time as you said on the other post. This time around, they thought they’d do it. But Kokoro isnt a very good name (sounds like a girls name), so they went with the short version of Kor. Its not a terrible name.

    The concerning question is if the game will be dubbed or subbed. If its dubbed, doesnt matter that he is called Kor. If its just subbed then it will make little sense to see Kor written everytime the other characters call him Shing. At wich point i would prefer if they kep him as Shing.

  23. Bebop Buhdoobop

    I like how a somewhat-menacing “Found you” is needlessly turned into a terribly wordy cliche. It’s not like the Tales series doesn’t come off as generally cheesy or anything, so clearly wham-Bam-thank-you-ma’am-Co is perceptive and reflective regarding their franchise.
    Maybe this is the game that will finally top that inspirational classic, “Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.”

  24. Gummibanane


    “If its dubbed, doesnt matter that he is called Kor. If its just subbed then it will make little sense to see Kor written everytime the other characters call him Shing.”

    They pulled off the exact same thing you mentioned with Jude’s name in the German version of Tales of Xilia last year.

    In our subs Jude is called Jyde. However since we only get the same dub as the rest of the western markets everyone still calls him Jude in the cutscenes. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, that we don’t get our own dub. I personally like a good English dub far more then a crappy German one (even if the latter is my mother’s tongue). But this Jyde BS is irritating as hell (just rolls right off the tongue, right).

    Now, since “Jude” is by coincidence the german word for jew, I can only assume that Namco thought it would be offensive to jewish players. But then again, I don’t understand that we for example call Jude Law (the actor) by his name. It’s all a stupid mess of Namco, thats all.

  25. Bezzo0

    A lot of japanese games (with good & bad translations) use canned english phrases like “moths to a flame”. Sometimes they’re way off & sometimes close but still wrong, aka Tales of Graces “white on rice”. I’ve almost grown accustomed to them. It’s like waiting for Arnold Schwarzenegger to drop a cheesy line in a movie. I don’t like it, but i know its coming. I wish they wouldn’t use any English or Japanese sayings unless the game is actually on Earth, or purposely breaking the 4th wall.

  26. Drama21

    Hurry wit the damn patched just wanna play the f*****g game already dont feel like waiting for the crappy names there are giving the characters

  27. You Guys Need a Localization Director

    […] reveal profound issues with the game’s localization that go beyond superficial matters like whether the main characters’ names make any sense or not. I’m sure I will rant endlessly about this so let me summarize the point for those of you who […]

  28. Roman

    You know whats funny? I’ve asked people who I know who HATE Japanese names and they think Kor is extremely inferior to Shing as a name. And what does Kor mean? And why not just keep it Shing if they’re not gonna dub it?! I get not changing everyone else’s names back to their localization such as Hisui to Jadeite but why change Shing’s? Also, this is the first game since Destiny, which was the first to come to America and didn’t have enough time or money to localize, that doesn’t have an English dub. That says a lot.

  29. R

    I don’t want a name that implies hash.

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