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  1. Tales of Heartbreak

    […] We know people don’t want us to stop working on Tales of Hearts for the DS. We’ve read your comments. We understand. Kaji and I feel the same way. Tales of Hearts was a great game with a lot of original stuff, one of the best 2D battle systems in the series, and a great story. Tales of Hearts R is… well, Kaji can explain the issues it has a lot better than I can. […]

  2. Egyptians

    Wait what I played maybe half of Hearts R and Shing still finds Amber on the beach and still does mouth-to-mouth. I’m pretty sure there’s even an animated cutscene of it now. Then Jadeite jumps him because as far has he knows this stranger’s just creeping around with his sister. Otherwise I agree from what I had played, the animations in particular are just awful most of the time.

    Though, I think you guys should keep working on it, just on the backburner, and not release it until like a year to two after R is released.

  3. Joe

    Can you make another post once the game comes out to let us know whether they made these fixes?

  4. Guren

    You wish for a lot of changes from the team that put and left many mistakes/typos in the Symphonia ps3 script and didn’t bother to correct some bad translated monster names for Dawn of the New World in its ps3 form (I guess that they recycled the wii script…).

  5. BigAl

    Well, I think that’s cool of you guys putting it on hold so as not to discourage the Vita game’s sales. I just hope that doesn’t mean you won’t keep doing work here and there, although without the progress reports or any reveals of course.

    Also I am as interested in Joe to see if those errors get amended or not in the English version.

  6. Pokenar

    If all the issues are plot related, I can live. for me; Gameplay > Characters > Music > Plot > Graphics. And the character issues didn’t sound TOO bad. I hear Hearts R is like a fusion of Xillia and Vesperia, so I’m very excited for it.

  7. Blackkat

    I will of course support them bringing over new Tales games. I’ve bought each one and all the remakes, so of course I’ll get Hearts R for the Vita.

    I do however (wishing very hard) that when you say “On Hold”, that it doesn’t mean that you’re stopping the translation completely. I would very much like to play your translated version of the game, as well as play the original game on the DS. I have greatly enjoyed all your J/K posts and have been checking in on this site since… well, I’m not sure how long now, it was near when you started your posts that you were translating Hearts that I came to know of this site…. really don’t know how long ago that was now…….

    Anywho, I hope that you still finish translating the DS version of Tales of Hearts. Even if it’s released well after Tales of Hearts R for the Vita comes out in the US.

    – Kat

  8. MegaHeroes16

    I respect you choice for putting the project “On Hold”, but please don’t quit with it entirely. I will buy Tales of Hearts R once I get a Vita, but I’m personally conflicted because I really want to play the DS version because: 2D graphics, 2D Battle System and because it lacks the big problems the Vita version has (which you just mentioned and a year before as well).

    I’m still glad Tales of Hearts R is localized and when I have a Vita, I’ll buy it along with Persona 4 Golden, but please let this not be the end of Tales of Hearts’ DS version. Is it possible you might return to the project after a year or two?

  9. Nem

    Haha… i bet throughim is happy that he can refocus on ToPX now. xD

    Great move though. This version is definitly worth having but we shouldnt get in the way of ToHR sales. A year or two after release it should be safe to release the fan translation without any major impact on the sales.
    And hopefully it will sell enough for Namco to localise more Tales games.

  10. datschge

    “In case that wasn’t clear enough, my advice to Namco Tales Studio is…”

    Aside that Tales Studio was dissolved more than a year before Hearts R released, looking at the staff list may also explain all the differences in the “reimagination”: In the Hearts R staff roll I count exactly three (3) people that were credited as part of the original games development team (scenario, sound programmer and special thanks), all of them are in the “special thanks” section (likely only for giving assets of the original game). Even the remainder of Tales Studio within Bandai Namco Studios wasn’t involved as that would require a credit to Yokoyama and Kikuchi as general directors (as seen in the staff listings to Xillia 2 and the outsourced Symphonia Chronicles ports).

  11. Joao Kazehaya

    This is good and bad at the same time for me because I really want to play the DS version with your translations and, at the same time, I want to buy a PSVita and ToHR game just to play the “improved” version of it to support the system, and to support Namco Bandai as well so that they continue bringing more Tales of in the West. So, I really wish you guys continue with ToH DS version translation, probably you, as someone already said, can release it one year or two after the PSVita version comes out, that would be really great. I DO really want to have the three Tales of games for the DS translated by you guys, even if I have to wait until 2015 or 2016. Please, don’t cancel your project, we, as fans, will wait the time it needs for it to happen!

    As for the time being, I’ll will buy a PSVita and ToHR when it comes to the West.

  12. iswantingcake

    The fact that the cutscenes are in 4:3 is a great thing because I hate it when they stretch or shrink or cut off the picture of a video to fit a different aspect ratio. It honestly ruins the cutscene like in the 3DS port of Tales of the Abyss.

  13. MegaHeroes16

    Ughhhh, Bandai Namco. Kaji, they changed Shing’s name into “Kor” for the localization -_-“.

    “Tales of Hearts R follows Kor, a young man living in a small village by the sea. While watching the house in his grandfather’s absence, Kor meets a young woman named Kohaku who has come searching for his grandfather. However, a mysterious witch soon appears and casts a spell on Kohaku’s Spiria, the embodiment of her heart and soul. Kor attempts to lift the spell, but while doing so he accidentally shatters her Spiria Core, the source of her emotions. Armed only with the Soma, an unusual weapon given to him by his grandfather, Kor must now set out on a journey to find a way to make Kohaku’s Spiria whole once more.”

    And they changed Amber’s name back to “Kohaku” which is cool, but they f**king f**ked up Shing’s name.

  14. BigAl

    You know. I actually am not bothered so much by ‘Kor’ as I was by Jadeite. And if changing Amber to Kohaku is any indication he will likely be named Hisui in this version as well.

    Maybe it’s because I like TCGs and MtG, but I really don’t mind that much. Does Kor have any siginficance mineral wise? I know he was based off Shungite in the original version. What else could it mean? Korea? Koran? Legend of Korra?

  15. Kysafen

    Kaji, does this mean you’re going to spoil whatever work you did for the translator’s cut (the additional Hi-ougis, and any additional features you didn’t reveal)?
    And are you going to announce what you’re going to do now, if you’re doing anything at all?

  16. Roger

    [Deleted at the request of the original poster]

  17. Roger

    [Deleted at the request of the original poster]

  18. Lotto

    Well honestly why am i not surprised that you’re stopping the project?
    I mean after all these years it was like it never started … (sorry)
    Somehow I’m just relieved that a version of this game will be available in western stores.
    As for me, I probably won’t buy a Vita just for this game (I do prefer the 3DS :/), the 2D graphics are more attractive to me…
    It’s just that with your unique style of trolling (don’t take that as an attack… you sure are pretty unique, and you’re also funny), being in this project for more than 3-4 years (and not completed it yet), without really giving news and spoiling (a little)… I thought you never actually intended to finish it, and just planned to troll fans as long as you could. I may be wrong, but in my mind you were impressive : “Oh my gosh so many years of trolling with one project, he’s a master at it”.
    Anyway all this to just say now this game disgust me, I’m a Tales of fan and I really hoped to play Tales of Hearts on a DS, and I also remember those teams that dropped the project and said to follow your translation… But you never gave a real sign of completion and time passed with the hope still there (but deep down knowing I was hoping for nothing).
    [People can beg to differ when I say you never gave a real sign of completion, but it’s my impression and I’m just one among many… so there’s really no need to debate, an impression is not necessarily the truth]

    I really feel I should have done like this guy who commented on this site a long time ago and said because he couldn’t wait anymore for your translation he learned japanese and finished the game xD

    In the end the only thing you did as a “Tales of fan” in my opinion is to finally put an end to this horrible wait without disturbing the industry. I applause and fully respect this decision.

    So there you have it. It may be totally useless to write this but at least allow to post my thought.

    Good luck in what you’ll do.

    A disappointed but nonetheless relieved guy/dude/thing.

  19. Arn

    Even if the project is ON HOLD and not really cancelled doesn’t really means you guys should stop working on it in my opinion. You guys should still finish the whole thing and just wait a bit long after HeartsR release to release the patch.

    Either way I really hope the patch is released on day.

  20. Rizzy

    Hi there! I know this is a rude thing to ask, but why not release what you got done now? It would suck if all of your hard work went down the drain, and because it wouldn’t be a complete translation, people would still want to buy the Real Game for the sake of enhance graphics/story and to finish where they left off with your translation. As I said, I know it’s rude, and I know you’ve probably already thought of doing so, but consider it for those of us who have been sitting around waiting for this to come for years man. o.o

    Also, you could probably use the release of your unfinished work to advertise to other translators who may see it and want to join you on your next project….okay thats drawing at straws, but it’s something! 😉

  21. CK

    What a scam this entire ordeal turned out to be.

  22. Lotto


    Well I don’t know what to say exactly, but I do appreciate the fact you answered and I thank you for that.
    It’s not like my opinion is totally changing magically with your answer but it gives material for me to think about that matter. I see your point, and that’s all I wanted.

    Well, see you (maybe or not, who knows?)

    The guy/dude/thing that stil doesn’t know if he makes any f*cking sense.

  23. talesofenglishpatch

    Oh well, I guess that sucks in more than one way, but meh, I didn’t like the idea of a vita localization with boring english audio AGAIN anyway (I know ppl are tired of hearing it, but it’s the truth). Not to mention the horrible ratio on the vita’s widescreen and all that, but on the bright side I guess this year isn’t all bad news for Zestiria getting dual audio. I’d actually rather wait for that over getting ToH R right now, also what really needs the most work right now regarding the Tales of patches (imo) are probably both ToD games and rebirth (from their respected sites). I seriously don’t think they will ever release it localized, though there is still a possibly, but I doubt it. This is just what I think btw, no pressure here, I know it’s probably not an easy job to patch these games LOL.

  24. andy

    Tales of hearts DS >> tales of hearts R

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