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  1. opas

    main reason not to buy bumco recently localized game except one piece, see what happened to sword art online hollow fragment done?!! i pretty sure 100% the same thing will be done copy and paste on R1 region too

  2. Klint-psk

    This isn’t a remake. This is a shitty and cheap port using a generic Tales engine. And now, it also has a shitty translation. I have 0 reasons to buy a Vita, but now I think they’re more like -1 reasons.

    Kaji, please, tell me you’ll release your original DS translation in a year or two.

  3. rayjayjay

    Do you think it’s possible to fix this translation in a patch?

  4. asae

    not possible to fix in a patch cause vita game is not hacked yet! only possible way is play this on nds

  5. Inunah

    I get why his name is now “Kor Meteor”. It sounds like “Core Meteor”. With Japanese name conventions, it would be “Meteor Core”.

    It’s a good try, Bamco, but please give us a ‘rename’ functionality, even if it won’t affect the spoken dialogue.

  6. Flamzeron

    They probably pumped out something quick for E3.

  7. Egyptians

    Honestly, this translation seems like the translators don’t like the script and are just fucking around for the hell of it or something along those lines. The worst kind of professionals. But entertaining in its own awful way.

    …Still really hoping you guys get back to the DS version someday.

  8. Y. Tan

    I love tales games..
    it’s like a franchise game even the art skill or the magic skill inside..
    but when i read it, i can’t believe amazing skill was named really bad.
    i know kaji was realized that really realized it. so please continue the DS version 😀

  9. Paarish

    You didn’t even mention the best one Kaji
    Chisaishou->Impact Event
    It sounds so google-translated. I don’t know how accurate it is though

  10. Snake

    1.) but I’ve read the victory quotes weren’t even subbed in the japanese version. They’d have to add in those quote bubbles. Honestly… they’re just victory quotes. Who really gives a hoot? Even ifstory matters get discussed in them later on… forget them.

    2.) Kor sounds better than Shing imo. Then again, this was announced way before the announcement that the game was going to be sub only. Perhaps the name change was done at a point in the localization process where they had yet to decide that they were going sub-only, and will change the name back? Again, makes no difference to me or to the quality of the game.

    3.) Honestly, all your concerns are pretty meaningless.

    The last thing Type-0 fans need is to be linked up with the folks who are complaining about this localization. Vita owners were seriously given the shaft with Type-0 and the response imo was proper, even at its most vulgar but here, with Tales of Hearts R…. no way. I mean, this is a game whose dev openly stated there was no intention of ever localizing it. And its going to be Gamestop exclusive at that, so they’re definitely already assuming the game will do very badly and are localizing it simply because of the few American fans who wanted it. Its probably going to become rare pretty fast and will skyrocket in price (so I’m buying 2, one to sell once value goes up)…

    Just suck it up and accept it. This game had a very low, near zero chance of coming overseas. Now it is and you want to complain about insignificant crap like name changes and lack of dubs? These complaints won’t make them listen, it will make them NOT bring their games over anymore.

  11. My thoughts on this localization


  12. Star Violet

    blame Bamco while this project still delay, how funny, yay xD

  13. Anon


    1.) Why would you even sub victory quotes in the original version if everyone can understand them since japanese is their mother language

    2.) You probably don’t know this (even while Kaji has explained this many times) but original names actualy have a meaning.

    3.) Probably you don’t care much about text or plot on RPGs, but i’m pretty sure most Tales of fans do care about this.

    And yes, it was almost impossible to have Tales of Hearts R legally translated, but just because of that we must accept this awful version of the game? Really? I think you should reconsider that for a minute


    Makes sense to argue about an official localization, when you can’t even make a patch in more than 3 years. Even worse, MODIFYING the content of the original game and inserting non-canon bullshit.

    Talk about frustrated programmer.


    Keep on that bullshit about ”How I would do if I was there in Namco Bandai U.S”, though. You guys have 0 capacity to do something anyway, all these years showed that.

    Thank godness we have actually GOOD translators like Sky. This PoS that is your site won’t be missed.

  16. Person-Guy5

    Okay after finding out Hearts R is getting localized , I MIGHT get a vita for Hearts R but my soul will always be rooting for 2D awesomeness. After listening to both OST’s I still prefer the DS version and hope that you continue this in your spare time till the vita one comes out then release an update after.

  17. BigAl

    Same, Person-Guy. I think the 2d sprite work in vanilla version is very charming. And I really like the music he did for it too, it has some Rebirth vibs which I consider a plus. All around I enjoyed playing and beating Hearts despite my poor Japanese language skills. Only thing I have against DS Hearts gameplay wise is the three party members limit in battle. That is lame as hellllll. I beat the EX-Dungeon in Hearts recently, the boss was bullshit and kept going after Hisui. If I had 1 more guy I’d have been able to survive better and not have to shove Life Bottles down his throat half the time.

    So is it seriously sub only, or have they just not released any English audio yet because they’re that lazy? Also, Kaji, are you familiar with the Atelier series? One of their recent games ‘Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky’ had an absolutely craptacular localization with massive errors abound. You would seriously get an aneurysm looking at it. I’m not saying this makes what has been presented in Hearts so far acceptable by any means, but please consider that Bamco could have gone full sell-out and could phone it in like Actill had done for Escha and Logy.

    But seriously, I recommend watching a playthrough video or 2 of it and looking at some screens just to see how bad it is.

  18. BAlor

    I forgot (and i’m not the only one) about this patch and website after the translation was dropped.. Anyway, Type 0 is done!!!, dammit 3 months before official release!.. That game is just the best FF i’ve ever played, beside FFVI , both are pure art!.. Oh yeah.

    My thoughts about the localization effort?

    Well keep it up!, i’m sure it will be release in the next FIFA world cup event or in the next after the next event in 2018, so i’m saying 2022.. so don’t lost hope guys!.

  19. EMD

    Well then why don’t you go to Namco with your complaints. Heck sure its easier said then done but why don’t you try to land a spot in their localization team?

  20. wassa

    already complain to them many times and they still not changing ! what to do with their stupidity! go wipe their ass emd u bamco ass wiper

  21. icy

    I own a vita but as much as i love to support tales of games… it’s when i see such shoddy translation that makes me think, screw this, if they are not gonna put in the effort, why should i support such things?

    As much as i love to see more tales of games coming to the states, it’s only if effort were put in, tales of grace f, tales of xillia were a good example where i did not feel that the tone and script were different, that effort were place into the game, which was why i bought them as day 1 product.

    As for this? I probably wait for a few months or so..

  22. Alabaster

    Uh. You guys realize that this game still has 5-7 months before its release right? It’s not just waiting in a warehouse fully finished and packed in boxes ready to ship.

    Things can change in 5-7 months. Calm tf down.

  23. Alabaster

    Also, way to make another bitch post. *slow claps*

  24. ReineSeren

    Let me get this straight… the fan translation is on hold so we can support a half-assed localization hoping for having lots of other half-assed localizations in the future?

  25. 馬場 英雄

    当初は映像業界での仕事をしており、その後2001年に[2]ナムコ(現バンダイナムコゲームス)に入社[3]。2007年のニンテンドーDS用ソフト『テイルズ オブ イノセンス』以降『テイルズ オブ』シリーズのブランドマネージャー兼プロデューサーを務めている

  26. BigAl


    Pretty much. On the one hand, good on Kaji for caring enough to not want to undercut the English release’s sales. But I think that there can be a compromise he can reach between actually putting out the DS translation in a timely manner as well as not imposing against the western release of R. He only releases a translation file and never a ROM of the actual game itself, I really don’t see how a 2D DS game of all things would be a threat to a technically superior version. As much as myself and many others may prefer the 2d version, countless others would consider the newer, current gen, and 3d graphics version to be vastly superior and would not be interested in the old version in any way at all.

    On a more positive note, I bought a physical copy of DS Hearts. As it is one of my favorites in the series.

  27. Nem

    Cmon… lets just be happy we are getting Tales games in the west. Its not bad enough that its in an unplayable state, so i’m happy. I also hope it does well so we can get Innocence R aswell.

    I know that you get upset when Namco doesnt put the same level of dedication on their project as you do, but they are a business and the fact that despite knowing they are gonna make very little money they are still bringing this to please the fans. I cant help but cheer for that.
    It would be good to see good feedback on this on fan sites aswell. You can leave the criticism for after it comes out and you are in your right to fix them on your DS patch as you see fit.

    For now, lets rejoice we are getting Tales games release in the west.

  28. ReineSeren

    The other thing that pisses me off is, as a NDS owner, the next logic step for me was buying a 3DS, so I could enjoy the next installments of my favourite games. I can’t see why a NDS user would make the jump to the Vita, for just one game 🙁 I want to play this in my DS/3DS.

  29. Namcoooooooo


    Even if somebody who worked at Bamco somehow stumbled upon your blag and read all the criticism, I don’t think they would be in any position to make or request any significant changes.

    As much as I dislike the thought, I think we’re going to end up with a shoddy product.

  30. No Way

    In all good conscience I can’t support this. I’ve been following the translation project for too long and been privy to too many complex reasons for every decision to be able to sit pretty with Kor Meteor and lazy translating. I’m trying not to, but I can’t help but feel that if an American company had gotten their hands on this, there would be things I didn’t like, but we’d at least be able to expect a modicum of consistency with older games.

    Hoping beyond hope that a few months after this releases, we’ll get ToH.

  31. fihar

    I don’t think this would be an example of how future Tales would be localized. Seems to be more of an exception rather than the rule to me.
    I thought that Graces F was pretty good and so was Xillia. I can’t say how good the actual localization is seeing as I have zero experience with the Japanese version but they were certainly far from being as amateurish as…. whatever this is.
    Zestiria is being developed with a western localization in mind and I have faith that Baba isn’t going to let something like this happen to that.
    If there’s anything to be taken from this, it is how much Bamco have faith in Hearts R. I was under the impression that it wasn’t much of a port anyway so I’m not surprised by this, at all.

    It’s not like they have the same kind of professionalism with ‘lesser’ titles like what you and AZ has shown on Tempest.

  32. BigAl

    lol they announced the Western version of Zestiria’s hero Slay’s name

    inb4 another update moanin’and’groanin

  33. Heyt

    Its sad they seem to be doing a poor job with this game. The only positive thing I can take away from this is that if you ever feel like finishing and releasing the patch for the NDS version I will be able to enjoy a proper translation… and the wait won’t be very long because I will be playing ToHR in the meantime.

    And if you don’t feel like it we can all get over it.

  34. Nem

    I just want to say Kaji. Read the comments above. Do you think this is having a positive effect?

    Namco wont be changing anything to the translation. The game releases in November.
    Maybe this is more noticeable when you know exactly what the characters are saying in Japanese, and i do think that is the case. Because of anime many of us can now understand a good portion of spoken japanese and we are used to straight to english translations. Its obvious that in this translation that Namco is doing they are writing a script (they probably werent sure wether they would do voice over in english when they started). Its not just a straight to english translation but a localisation that reworks the script to a different audience.

    Of course, that doesnt mean i like it better, but i can’t help but feel disappointed when such great fans like you go through the effort of making great patches, but when Namco actually brings out something out comments like the ones above are the result. For a bit i get myself wishing that the fan translation would be cancelled because its obviously having a nefarious effect on sales of the series.

    We shouldnt be relying on you guys to make patches for the tales games. Namco should be bringing them over. If they are bad we should say so, but we should still support the series. Despite all the complaints and lets call “inacurracies” on the script, i am still sure that Tales of Hearts R will be great fun to play.
    Its sad to see these people say they arent going to buy it because the translation is not 1:1 to the japanese. I dont think thats the mindset a Tales fan should have after all we have been through to influence Namco to bring this amazing series and overseas.

  35. Nem

    I dont think they want your aproval per se. The problem here is not that you are criticizing the translation but the fact that you are presenting others with a clear alternative that will impact sales.
    By strongly criticizing the namco version, by contrast you are promoting the alternative, wich is your patch.

    You make a compelling case though. I do agree that their promotion efforts have been unfortunate, but i’m afraid that possible low sales will just be pinned on the Vita or the portable market.
    With that said, i still think this wouldnt be an issue if people werent listening to the japanese voices. Wether the localisation is good or bad based on the trailers is open to interpretation. Its not a direct translation of the japanese voice track, but is it a bad script? If you dont understand a word of japanese you wouldnt be able to pin-point these “inconsistencies” so clearly, especially because japanese voice actors put so much energy on so many of the lines.
    This does not change the fact that the translation might not be ideal taking into account the japanese voice over present in the game though.

    Oh.. and i am not falling prey to fanaticism. I do buy Tales games because they are good, even though sometimes i end up with a dud, i am happy to support the series and help bring more of the good ones over. I just dont counsciously buy bad tales games. They just happen to be so sometimes. The ammount of good ones outweights the bad by alot though.
    I can easily give you the example of Tales of the world RM. It was a bad game, i didnt buy it, as many others. Results were so bad that namco didnt even consider bringing the ports of Tales of destiny 2 and Tales of rebirth over, nor later TotW games that while not super, improved with every iteration. They are not interested in fixing the problem when they deem the potencial market to not be worth it.

    Anyways, dont interpret this as i am saying you should get rid of the patch. I think its a commendable effort. I’m just saddened that some people are using it as an excuse to not give Hearts R an honest chance.
    I guess you are just in a position of more than a regular Tales fan and your criticism carries that added weight of offering an alternative, wich puts you in an unique situation where what you say does more than just alert or criticise.

  36. BAlor

    Well..Looking what happened now to Sky and team. I find pretty intelligent what are you doing here, not hurting the sales.

    I apologize for behaving like an indirect asshole lol, but still i’d like that you don’t drop the project or leave us hanging.

    I would mind waiting for a long time, since i’m getting FE:Awakening and SS3DS (Goodbye social life)lol.

    Just lemme make you a question:

    Do you think that the same might happen to you regarding SkyBladeCloud’s fate?, i mean, i know Bamco may be stupid, but is not a souless bastard like SE.

  37. bandits stupid

    Go to abyss chronicles websites to see tales of zestria english name real one they show it look at main character name is slay to sorrey see it you see same issues is tales of hearts r.

  38. BigAl

    Bamco aren’t Sorrey about what they’ve done

  39. Atchim

    This can’t be called Tales of Hearts R, it should’ve been Heart of Tales B(Butchered Version).


    now your just busy playing TOH on vita while you keep the TOH project on ds pending..hope after you finish playing that game you should finish your unfinished business here

  41. Bare its Fangs

    Man, you should update this often, so it doesn’t look like you dropped the project.

  42. Bare its Fangs


    Oh yeah, since Hearts will get a release soon, my guessing is that you could release the patch in 2015.

    I mena, so make it looks like you’re doing nothing, but i bet that behind the scenes, you already completed the game and you are checking for errors.

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