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  1. Taku

    I say keep the names as they are. I love Xing, Hisui and Kohaku. Not to mention Hisui Hearts just sounds so well together. Personally, I don’t think the whole world should melt over because of some naming localizations. People act that way sometimes.

    As for artes, I don’t care much how they are translated. I’ll use the names even if they were in Al Bhed…which would be cool, by the way.

    I hope the ongoing translation goes smoothly.

  2. Crowmeister

    Good choices really. I get it you wanting to rename them to Amber and Jade, but even if it was a real localized game by Namco I’d like to see the original names. Feels more anime-y to me, if that makes sense.

  3. ibr far

    it’s great to see progress keep up the good work

  4. Alexeon

    Very informative post. I enjoyed reading it. Your reasons for the naming schemes make perfect sense and I cant wait to play your fantranslation. Keep up the good work!

  5. Phillycheese

    I definitely concur with your naming system as it make the most logical sense. Heck I’d be fine even if you named them all wacky as long as the description of each arte is there in English.
    I look forward to your next update ^-^

  6. lolprogressbar

    I believe I was hit with a Hurricane Fang Leg Ascending Through the Rooftops at Dawn once… not a fun day, that was.

    And hah, I was right. “Real” update is just as informative as joke updates with pictures and etc. Which is to say, it’s nice, in that it’s an update. Thanks (even though my first thought was admittedly tl;dr)

    …Speaking of which, I strangely sensed this one coming when I went to the website. Got an eerie “Kaji just updated” feeling. Kinda creeps me out that of all the things to have accurate premonitions of, I just had one.. for a fan translation site. 😐
    Not that I think there’s any coincidence in that, seeing as he posts roughly once a month and it was about that time again… but yeah.

  7. SpadesMagnes

    glad u don’t replace Hisui by Jade, theres already a Jade… a jerk one 😡

    and… thanks for a serious update, you can continue trolling now :l

  8. Michael Prado

    Thanks for this excellent update, even when I still enjoyed greatly the JK ones 😀

    Keep up this great work, Kaji!

  9. Tyson

    If you ever feel like expanding on this, I’d love to read it.

    Just saying.

  10. Tempus

    Regarding Xing’s family…

    The potential basis for Zeks, Donna and their grandson Xing are likely from the minerals Zektzerite, Donnayite-(Y), and Xingzhongite. These further reinforce the naming scheme and your own conclusions. They also have a reasonable XYZ pattern, three familiar letters of the alphabet who are coincidentally in sequence.

    Did the creators of the alphabet have this in mind when planning how to lay out the letters? I believe they must have.


    (I stole this information directly from Kaji, in case you’re wondering. Kaji is good and great, and is my hero.)

  11. Anonymous

    You’re a very, very funny man.

  12. Solo

    Excellent update. Ironically I found the bits on the otherwise serious text hilarious. I totally agree with your naming choices, I did not like Xing at first but now I feel you made the right choice… shingles notwithstanding. SO GLAD you went with Kohaku. I absolutely hate people calling her Kohak. That interpretation of the very japanese name Kohaku makes no damn sense. Japanese devs were just going on their merry engrishy ways as they always do.

    Awesome Kaji, glad I happened to check your site today. It is very rewarding to follow a fantranslation of a game you want when the team/person in charge updates on a constant basis like you do.

  13. Detsu

    Thanks for the almost entirely trolling-free update, Kaji.

    I never became too involved in the naming controversy of Hearts, so this was an interesting read.

  14. Skelletonike

    Lol, I do know that Kohaku is written romanized like that because a friend of mine has that name. xP

    And just wondering, but does this game have any romance on it?
    I love romance in RPG’s. =3

  15. Anonymous

    It’s a Tales game, so maybe?

  16. Unsatisfied Reader

    Man this is stupid. I want a real update with pictures, videos and lulz, not this tl;dr BS.

  17. Vercalos

    Hehe. Xing actually is pronounced “Shing” in Mandarin Chinese. And, much as my opinion doesn’t matter much, I think Tornado Dance is a better name than Dragon Toss for 空牙嵐蹴旋(with the kanji translating literally to Sky Fang Tempest Kick Revolve), which has nothing to do with dragons, or tossing.

  18. PurpleLite

    Good read Kaji. Enjoyed it.

  19. flamesoul

    I enjoyed this wall of text. It had a lot of interesting information and provided some insight into the translation process for Hearts. Hope your still having fun with this translation dispite how much work it is.

    Also yeah to Tales of Graces F.

  20. Kysafen

    I know it takes time off from your translation work on Hearts, let alone your personal life to do this blog post, so thanks for giving us peasant folk a tiny glimpse into the translation process. You’re the coolest by having your own sarcastic and satirical tone, and I don’t mind if you go 6 months without updating or giving any real progress; you’re still the man for sacrificing hundreds of hours of your time to entertain only a couple of tens of ours.

  21. Vercalos


    Ah. Well, I see where the dragon came in. Still don’t see where the original translators got “Toss” from, since 竜 and 脚 translate to Dragon and Leg respectively. But I’ll be the first person to admit I don’t understand Japanese, and only know a few phrases for greetings(I’m using a kanji dictionary to look up the meaning of the kanji..)

  22. Skol

    Seriously what’s the big deal? Isn’t going to the status screen and pressing “A” all that is needed to change the names of the characters? You can change Hisui’s name to Green Lantern or whatever, if anybody doesn’t like it changing it is as easy as cake.

    Unless the cake is a lie. You aren’t going to remove that option are you?

    As for skills names, anybody that tried your previous patches know anything you do can’t be worse than most official translations. I mean Majinken –> Sonic Blade/ Missile Sword = epic lulz. And again, if anybody is unsatisfied there’s the “romanized” option for the skills.

    No problem.

  23. messiah

    so when do u think the whole translation may be possible?

  24. cloud

    It’ll be finished as soon as you stop touching yourself at night, i believe.

  25. Anonymous

    Should have capitalized that ‘i’.

  26. Alurane

    @cloud why do you have to be a jackass messiah just asked a question douche

  27. Tailisu10

    I thought this was very interesting.

    I really want to learn more of the names of the new artes.

  28. Anonymous

    If there’s one thing people hate getting asked, it’s when something’s going to be released.

  29. Shark

    lol the progress bar moved backwards 😛

  30. Alurane

    @Anon: I’m sorry are you kajitani ? … what’s THAT NO SO shut it unless your a mind reader which I doubt. People like you just have to be jerks to others.

  31. Aqua

    ^Ahh, the irony.

  32. Tidasa

    hey everyone,

    we all think that every progress bar moves forward. but what if this one move backwards. i.e. the Gray colored area represent the finished percentage…….

  33. Kanjutsu

    wow I’m actually impress, to be honest I’ve just stumbled into this blog and bam! what do I see? A Tales of Heart Translation, hahah, it’s true that I haven’t been following the Tales Series like a die hard fan these past few years…

    Anyway, back on topic, I really like how you describe the way you went for naming the Characters and Artes, it really makes senses and I agree 100% on Xing meaning ‘Star’ versus Shing which if I’m correct means Victory/Triumph in Chinese.

    Keep up the good work! Something most peoples don’t know about translations is that it’s never easy and require the translators to give up 10% of their lifespan every time a game is translated!


    Seishin Kan

  34. Nivea

    It requires lifespan?! O_O How comes..?
    I mean.. so basically Developers have a short lifespan or what is it that actually takes the lifespan? Working with fans? I’m sooo gonna die soon. Q_Q I don’t want to die, I want to have a house and husband and children and stuff…

  35. Sahgo

    What would that mean to poor Ted Woolsey, then? ;_; I mean, in the SNES era, he translated at least 7 titles, which means he already lost 70% of his lifespan! And that was back in the 90’s!!!! NO! DON’T DIE, TED WOOLSEY. YOU’RE AN INSPIRATION TO PEOPLE! You translated entire RPGs in less than a MONTH! You’re a hero! Can’t die… just can’t…

    Sorry, I got overemotional *sniff*.

  36. lolnonymous

    “It would be a cool name for like, a muscled but lithe jungle native character who leaps from tree to tree and shoots bears with his bow and arrow in an exciting action-adventure game.”

    Really? I was thinking native American. :/

    Also, a game like that needs to be made. Sounds so ****ing manly.

  37. Anonymous


    It’s because people like you don’t know how to use correct grammar or spell correctly. Perhaps if people like you and Messiah would stop butchering the English language I’d show some manner of respect as a person of equal standing, but no.

  38. Anonymous

    Also, for the record, ‘you’re’ is a contraction of ‘you are’ while ‘your’ is the possessive form of ‘you’. What you wanted was the former where, in that case, I would be the mind reader. It’s really surprising how many people get them mixed up.

  39. Thornado

    Imagine an annoying little kid that’s being taken by car to an amusement park. The kid is so excited that he can’t help but keep asking: “Are we there yet?”;”How about now?”; “Are we close?”; “Have we arrived?”; “How much longer till we arrive?”; “OMG, thank you so much for what you are doing, dad but… how much longer? =3”.

    Yes, I’m talking about you. Yes, you that keeps asking “how much longer”. Yes, YOU! You are the annoying little kid. No,no, I’m not Kaji and I can’t read minds, it’s just common sense.

  40. Kamuki

    Very good and informative update. However I do miss the pictures and videos.

  41. Alurane

    @ anon: you feel better know it all

  42. Solo

    Even when Kajitani makes a (mostly) serious update, retarded responses and petty disputes show up in the comments. The internet is truly amazing.

  43. Alurane

    At any rate it’s good to see the patch isn’t dead. I’m almost done with the game and this will give me a reason to play again.

  44. Aqua


    you fail to remember how stupid people on the internet can be :<

  45. Sahgo


    It’s not that all that people are stupid; it’s because of the GIFT (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/GIFT). There’s just something in anonymity that makes people act like 5 year olds on the internet, given the circumstances. Kind of sad, actually.

  46. Aqua

    Ahaha, you do have a point there. But even without anons all over the place people still act that, regardless. Really says a lot about the maturity of people.

  47. SSVAV

    The GIFT really made my day.

  48. Electro

    Just feeding trolls with replies and calling them kids is already immature. It’s really cute how people just love to call others stupid and whiny just to look all grown up in the internet. That alone just prove that you have the GIFT.

    They complain about the wait and you complain about them. This is the internet, we’re all at the same level. Deal with it.

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