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  1. Blackkat

    Haha, you’re great.

    I agree with your naming sense completely. Really, who in their right mind thought that gummi translated to gel? That always bothered me…

    Anywho, keep up the wondrous work. And I pray that some time in the future, that you manage to finish your project.

  2. KidIcarus

    ow yeah
    one step up to go
    good job

  3. Chiharu

    Awesome job! Yeah, the gels thing confused me too when I first played Tales. Keep up the good work! 😀

  4. Crowmeister

    Well if it’s backed up by 9 Japanologists, I say do it!

  5. Global

    Thank you for your hard work on this project and for the new Progress Bar, eases my mind to see the update 😀

  6. Phoenix

    is really good to see that You’re still working on the translation. and I agree the names of the attacks en English are many bizarre, much better the original name. Keep up the good work. SORRY MY ENGLISH

  7. breogan80

    I am waiting for your translation and I think that is so good you are still working on the translation. Thank you for your hard work on this project and for the new Progress Bar

  8. yalue

    Why does this have a j/k tag? Just kidding about the name change? Also, does the progress bar do anything, or just sit there? A stationary bar would still fulfill the requests for a status bar, right?

    Aside from the questions, thanks so much for the screenshots! Looks awesome!

  9. Ricerice

    Glad to know you’re working on this. I can’t wait to play it. Obviously you can’t please everyone when it comes to translation so just stick to what you think is best. Many people won’t mind as long as it’s translated.

  10. amanda

    this is awesome news

  11. Herpity

    First the names, now the artes? Are you translating the game or not? According to your progress bar, doesn’t seem so. Hire some people god dammit.

  12. Flamfas

    I was pretty upset at first. But then I realized.

    He’s kidding guys. A sarcastic response to popular fan demand.

    At least. I’m really hoping this is sarcasm. This doesn’t sound like Kaji.

  13. Duh

    He’s obviously kidding. The last screenshot has highlighted the localization option to change arte and item names.

  14. TanakJuka

    I’d say: Just do whatever you feel is better for you work to be as you’d like it.

    To be honest, I grew used to the translated names, and found no problem with them, yet… I have to admit, though, when it’s possible, I keep the names in Romaji 😀

    And actually, probably ’cause I’m not a native English speaker, I never had problems with the healing stuff being called “Gels” D: Guess I read it as “Gelatin”/”Gelatina” and it kinda made sense that way for me… After all, all I cared about when I had to use them was to prevent my party from being smashed, couldn’t really be picky at those moments 😀

    Thanks for the update and all the work! Been following you on geocities, lost the link, then luckily found you again here… Keep up the good work!


  15. Kysafen

    It’d be hilarious for it to just be a random progress bar that illustrates nothing of how the actual progress is going, made only just to shut impatient people up.

  16. Alec


    It probably is. :p

  17. Carnivol

    I’m sure the progress bar will evt. show some sort of progress!

  18. Michael

    Is great to see more progress about the game. And it doesn’t matter so much about the Romaji names, is like to give to the Tales saga some Street Fighter feeling (I could not realize to see the Hadouken translated, to say an example 0-O )

    Good luck in this great and promising errand, Kaji, and greetings from Costa Rica!

  19. Jeff

    Whatever you want is the best even if people say otherwise. The fact that you’re doing this is amazing and just wanted to say thank you.

  20. Xoje

    I’m really looking forward to this. . . .If the game is still not released by the end of the month, I’ll probably make myself busy with Golden Sun DS while waiting. . .

  21. Aetheus

    As much as I’ve grown fond of the localized artes, I figure I can live without them. Also, I love how delightfully vague the progress bar is – and I’m not even being sarcastic. Its a nice distraction being able to see, say, how close the translation is to completion as opposed to image editing or vice versa, but it isn’t really necessary if most people just want to know “when its done”. An overall progress bar is inaccurate, but gets the message across. And the message its giving off as of the moment of the post is – “Not even close. For now.”

  22. Solo

    Great post, had me laughing for a while. Specially the random “A Progress Bar”, even if it turns out to not be a joke, I still had my fun.

    Thank you very much for your update. I’ll take nice update posts every now and then over progress bars any day.

  23. Tyson

    If I make this comment and look back at the progress bar, maybe it will move!

    I have no issues with names, personally. A translation is a translation.
    I’m currently playing through the game with a couple of guides. If the battle systems for these games weren’t so good, I wouldn’t even bother playing these games in Japanese.

    It’s a really different experience.

    It’s also times like these I’m glad I did some studying with Katakana and brief study on Hiragana a couple of years ago.
    … Okay, it doesn’t help at all.

    The demo patch is great and I can’t wait to play it and fully understand what’s going on.

  24. arucard3250

    i really want this patch sooo bad, I already have beaten the game but i would play it again the moment this comes out!!!! (PS. farming grade for when this patch comes out!!)

  25. NahuelDS

    That’s shit… but anyway we couldn’t argue with that.
    You are the one making the translation so… do whatever you want.

    The only thing that I could say is that every translation (official and by fans) included the localizated names for artes and also items, I can’t understand why you have to cut with the traditional names that we (Fans that have played almost every English Tales game in existence) are used to.
    After all… this is a “TRANSLATION” … don’t you think so?

    Anyway… you are doing a great work with this project!!

  26. Ex

    They see me trollin’

  27. Hatake

    lol! “a” progress bar :).

    if nothing else it helped me out of my monday blues.

  28. no problem

    lol, no problem with me if you want to use romanji style , because i played many tales series (jp version) with that kind of translation, so im used to it .

  29. X

    Wow, all this time and that’s all the progress you made? Wait to go, The Flash. So, when are you going to abandon this project and start another one?

  30. Aetheus

    If you don’t reckon that this project will ever finish, why bother following this site and posting snide comments? Might as well use all that spare time you’ve apparently got and take up Japanese language classes.

  31. Wes

    You should do like Working Designs and just name the artes whatever the hell you want. Hell, change the plot, characters, etc, too.

    Instead of Majinken, call it “Victor-Ireland-thinks-he’s-the-second-coming-of- Jesus-fang.”

    Make sure to remove all mention of the Japanese crew that created the game for the squashed up last 1/10 of the credits and to insert your company logo before that of Namco and Tales Studio.

    This game was nothing before your translation. Nothing.

    I am being sarcastic, for those who cannot dig that.

  32. Dusk

    Sarcastic or not your post is painfully stupid.

  33. Wes

    Stupid or not, my post does raise a good point showing the difference between fan translations and professional translations. Fan translations show more reverence for the game being translated, whereas professional translations typically try to make the game appear as their original IP and will alter whatever they deem necessary to make the game marketable.

    I do not appreciate having my words described as “painfully stupid” when I was clearly making a joke just as many of the other people posting a comment here were.

    I will refrain from further comment to avoid conflict in an inappropriate location. If you want to email me at chaoticprime@yahoo.com and further go into why you have the right to judge what I say, please do. Unless you lack conviction to back up your words.

  34. NahuelDS

    Instead of Majinken, call it “Victor-Ireland-thinks-he’s-the-second-coming-of- Jesus-fang.”

    LOL…. like the “-fang” at the end.

  35. Natanael

    Make sure you get that butt wound treated cuz when you get to the point of posting your email to continue a internet discussion with a random internet person, you know your post was painfully stupid.

  36. Carnivol

    @Wes – Actually, in most cases, professional translations tend to reach out to a carefully selected target audience, while at the same time bowing down to a multitude of restrictions and variables (such as estimated sales vs size and age of target audience vs content affecting ratings vs cultural, platform or publisher restrictions vs original creator guidelines vs overall budget). They ensure that what may have been rather poor in taste for their target audience isn’t as unappealing as it initially was (as it’d both reflect badly upon them, being the publisher/translator of potentially sub-par content, and also further prevent them from being financially or contractually capable of delivering future projects).

    I don’t recall any specific game being sold off as the property of the localization team, but the actual translated assets are entirely the work and property of whoever translated it (unless they’ve given away their rights to it). And taking credit for translated works is not only an important thing as a translator (as it’s usually what you live off of), but also because it’s more or less your seal of quality/signature on something. If you’re familiar with greater works of literature, you may know that there are many literal works that’ve been translated a multitude of times into the same languages and the importance of knowing which translator either has the style and quality that appeals to you.

    I guess this doesn’t really happen with games very often (yet), but it does happen with some re-release and remake cases. Many of which are actually considerably worse than previous releases, as they often fail to realize that the problem with the past translations might not have been the actual translation itself, but rather other elements that can somewhat affect quality and the impression it gives the end user… such as frequent grammar mistakes, stale source content, poor voice acting, etc..

    I’m not gonna say people like Victor Ireland and Ted Woolsey didn’t take certain liberties with the source content (and whether they were necessary or not), but, damn, as an industry translator who’s worked on leading franchises on several platforms, I still idolize these people for their hard work and efforts. Whether I liked what they did or not is almost irrelevant*, ’cause at a time when video game translations were about as readable as the nonsense Babelfish and Google Translator sometimes throws at you, and the solution to releasing a text heavy game was either to not releasing it at all or just cutting out all the text in it and see if whatever gameplay/content that may be left was even remotely possible to salvage… these guys pretty much helped lead what has paved the way for the releases of an entire genre (and its many sub-genres) here in the west. Turning it all from a tiny niche for the poor, to a worthy (and even superior in some cases) alternative to the many and often more appealing alternatives available on home computers or in pen and paper form. Opening doors that enabled yesterday’s casuals to enter what at the time was considered a creepy dungeon full of dorks ‘n’ nerds (and which now has become a considerably more creepy dungeon, thanks to its newfound residents).

    Fan translations on the other hand tends to be rather pretentious and gigantic crusades driven in an e-penis enhancing campaign, often with a rather limited appeal-desu, as envision by some random Douche no Ouji (and tomodachi), who most of the time tries to reinvent the wheel in not only linguistic form, but also in pure stupidity. Their accusations of inaccuracy towards previously established translations are often rooted in their own unimagination, pure lack of knowledge and experience and/or their illiterate background. This is of course not true in all cases, as there are those who do amazing quality work, and not really surprisingly enough, most of these have nothing but good things to say about certain previously named and unnamed individuals.

    So, although you didn’t want to continue this “discussion” here in the comments section, I decided to do so anyway – as I think you’re leaving things rather unfinished by just demanding that it be moved private.

    Now, may I inquire about which translator it was that not only pissed in your cereal this morning, but also at the same time took the liberty to rape your childhood while spouting out nonsense about your loved ones, as you clearly appear to think you’ve been violated in so many ways that you feel the entire industry as a whole has done you nothing but wrong and the fan translation scene is now your final bastion of pure and unadulterated nihongo no gaming delight.

    [*] PS: I like it. A lot.

  37. Bob

    I’m a bit sad that the names will be kept as romanji… To me Tales of Hearts already feels too different from the rest of the series, this makes me think that this’ll make it feel too different… I still like Tales of Hearts and wish that I could understand what’s going on… Am I really the only one troubled by this?

    I know this might be a dumb question, but will the finished patch be compatible with both anime sequence and CGI sequence versions?

  38. Z-Slash

    OMG now that’s one HUGE post. Kudos to anyone who read the whole book. ._.

  39. Akane

    I must say I’m a person who usually takes what other people say seriously, but considering that last screenshot… it was clearly a joke. There will be the Localized version of the names so calm down, people, no need to get so worked up. And whether it is a fan translation or not, I think people should just feel a little grateful that there are other people working to make the game understandable to everyone who doesn’t know the original language.

    Anyway, this is my first comment here, just discovered this website. I’m really happy there’s an ongoing translation to Hearts, as a big fan of the Tales series too I really want to play this game. This kind of project always takes a long time to be concluded, but it seems you guys won’t give up on this one so I’m really grateful for it. I’ll definitely be waiting for the full translation. <3

    And English is not my first language so forgive me for any mistakes.

  40. Carnivol

    @Bob – There’s minimal difference between the two versions. Not sure if there’s been said anything public on the matter, but adding CG Version support shouldn’t require much extra effort.

    @Z-Slash – But nothing for the author? :'(

  41. Jae

    Well I was first introducted to the tales series with the DeJap Phantasia and they used gummi. I will just have to get used to it again. Maybe I will change the naming conventions I use in Innocence to help the transition.

    Either way I’m not too bothered, I just liked the localised names because I knew what most of them were the second I played the next game. Having them say the word I see on screen will help make more sense I guess.

  42. chip


    good luck mate !

  43. Bob

    @Carnivol Thanks, I appreciate it… Personally I like the anime sequence version better, but it was something that was itching at the back of my head…

    @Akane I never said anything about being ungrateful… In fact, donating that $30 to ThroughHim and the rest of the Absolute Zero Team is still on my “to do” list because sadly I haven’t had much luck with my finances lately… I’m not one of those guys who just leaves the things on his “to do” list undone and forgets about it, either… It’ll be the same when the K-E Team’s Hearts translation patch is finished…

  44. Kefir


    …aka, I laughed my ass off when I saw that last screen. Seriously, gg man :’D

  45. Donaldgx

    Just go with “Psion Bolt” and the names of the artes used on Tales of Destiny

  46. Carnivol

    @Bob – You’re welcome. I’ve always liked the CG cutscenes, but hated how half-assed the rest of the presentation was. (They really should’ve made CG portraits and some minor sprite-alterations to the CG version)

    @Donaldgx – No dissin’ of ToD PS1! (Even if Phantasian Productions will be ditching some of the legacy translations from it).

    PS: Pardon if my avatar doesn’t show (Not my computer, so maybe I entered the wrong e-mail hash)

  47. Bob

    In the meantime there are new games coming out here and some older ones to chew on while we wait…

  48. Me

    Only if you mean new games for PSP; PS3 and maybe 360, because DS is as dead as Tales of Localizations.

    Unless you mean Pogaymon .

  49. Lewnett

    sadly.. i kinda used to english artes.. even if it sux.. i’m not quite farmiliar with the japanese names.. but if it’s ur choice.. then so be it.. at least there’s someone translating this game..

  50. name

    well im guess im glad that the only person doing this is some guy on the internet. if this was namco…

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