Tales of Hearts

An ongoing effort to translate Tales of Hearts into English.

Current Status: On Hold (Official Localization of Remake/Demake Confirmed)

Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download for the Lazy]

Tales of Hearts Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download] [Readme]


Q. Help, it doesn’t work! xdelta says something cryptic like “XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. Why your patch doesn’t work?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but it just might be that your INPUT is INVALID. Make sure you have selected the .xdelta patch as the “Patch” and your clean copy of the game as the “Source File”. If it doesn’t work, chances are good that your ROM is corrupted, trimmed, or patched with something else (i.e. not clean).

Q. Why I can’t load savegame?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I am glad to see that you have exhausted all available resources that may address your issue before giving up and wasting everyone’s time by asking stupid questions. To answer your question, you must have a Nintendo 4DS Advance, or loading of your saved games will not work.

Q. Where is Translator’s Cut patch?!?! It’s impossible to find!!1

A. Thank you for your question. Have you considered reading the post? It just might help you figure out where the patch is. Still can’t find it? Are you sure you read the post? The entire post? Try reading it again. Still can’t find it? Sorry, but you must have a Sony Playstation 5, or the download link will not appear.

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441 responses to “Tales of Hearts”

  1. sucks

    keep up the good job kajitani, dont rush to complete the project. we still have many nine years ahead. love the feeling of waiting

  2. ShiroZerotheDragoon

    What is the current (status/Progress/ETA) for this game??? (i’m sorry if my post offends someone but i really cant wait for the completed version!)

  3. treynrek

    hey, i just want to say great work with what ive seen so far, im patiently waiting the final release! 😀 and also want to give a big thank you for taking part in this translation to all the crew, thank you very much. ive followed every tales series, and cannot wait to play Hearts 🙂 best of luck and again thank you.

  4. amliaz

    Damn really can’t for it to finish… i’ve played all the series.. i hope you finished it asap 😀

  5. aznxchunky

    as a long time fan of the tales series i’m saddened that i just heard about this version but I am so glad that some people out there are translating this. Thank you so much and thank you for eventually giving me a chance to a Tales game that I would have otherwise missed out.

  6. tvin

    It takes too long u.u …, are you working in the project yet?, Anyway thanks for you work, if the project still going I hope it gets finished soon.

  7. Raitzeno

    There’s a rumor that every night, somewhere between midnight and 4am, Kaji uploads a complete patch and then takes it down again, all within the space of about 5 minutes.

    But if you can catch it and download it… you’ll get cursed.

    The curse is, you won’t enjoy the game. 🙁

  8. takuyayagami

    So am I still waiting to play this game so much DX

  9. herscel

    keep going kajitani
    All of us are waiting to play this game in English
    Go go go, ganbateeee!! xD

  10. Romulo

    Good Job Kanjitani, I’ll wait for the full version of Tales of Hearts!
    Good Luck!

  11. Buka

    Keep up the good job, we owe you so much. The Innocence translate was awesome, so I’m sure this one will be great too. Thanks again for your efforts. ^_^

  12. Qaz

    And what does the Innocence patch has to do with this? Kaji wasn’t even part of the translation team for that game.

  13. Nivea

    I thought he had something to do with the opening of Tales of Innocence or sth.

  14. StorMyu

    You people need to read the readme or just open your eyes when you launch the game…
    Kajitani worked on ToI

  15. exe

    Oh yeah, he worked in the opening “timing” and was a beta-tester. Fucktastic participation lol. His name isn’t even in the staff list.


    He participated? Yeah. But I sure wouldn’t say we own him “so much” nor would I expect this patch to be top quality like AZ’s just because Kajitani-Eizan is written in the readme file.

    Don’t wanna be an ass here but none of Kaji’s patches get close to any of AZ’s in terms of quality, nor in terms of “completion” lulz.

  16. 123

    You blind? Kaji’s name IS listed.

    Karaoke Timer: Kajitani-Eizan

  17. Sherry

    omg i can’t wait!! ;AA;

  18. uyak

    Can i know when the english patch is done..?

  19. Mouse

    If you have a time machine, you can find out!
    Otherwise, your guess is probably almost as good as anyone’s.

    I’d love to know how this is progressing though. Haven’t heard any news in a while. You still alive? D:

  20. rewritten

    don’t worry guys

    i just got off the phone with my good friend doc ブラウン, and he says that he’ll have a time machine ready in a few days depending on supplies

    so does anyone have a spare delorean

  21. fergon

    you fail at funnies


    i hope the translation finish cant wait to play it,,im always visiting this site to check whats the progress

  23. Inert

    then you come in vain.

  24. yuya12

    i can’t wait any longerXD. I really want to play this game o.o

  25. chucky

    i heard that mr. kajitani is taking his bar exam,,thats why till now he cant even make a progress in this project…some rumurs says dont know if its true?

  26. Vercalos

    I can’t help but worry that Kajitani-Eizan isn’t actually a translator, but simply the internet’s most successful troll. I see a website, full of unfinished projects, that hasn’t been updates in two months. I was hoping this would actually happen, but I give up.

  27. Nivea

    And, since he isn’t actually a translator, he photoshopped all the videos he was posting.

    Awesome Photoshop-skills you got there, Kajitani!

  28. Inert

    and how the hell does that prove anything? how do you even know if the translation is actually accurate? So if somebody post a video of a japanese game with a bit of dialogue in english you will call him a translator? Besides his videos look more like modded game roms than a translated game with all those crazy add-ons. And one more thing, changing in-game text doesn’t prove you are a translator, it just shows you have some hacking skills.

  29. Inert

    lol man fuck you haha

  30. Angst

    Lol, Puella Magi Inca Magica.

  31. Young_Link

    I’d buy it twice.

  32. juvfan

    the patch already finished actually, and kaji hide something on this site, and we must figure it out ….. XD

    like he’d do that. XD


    damn it! cant wait for the english patch im always watching the trailer of this game and im shaking to play it!!! also im looking forward for the pkm b/w v2. english version!

  34. Zabwabwa

    Please release it i cant wait no more 🙁

  35. Zabwabwa

    i’m ready to give you 100$ on paypal if the patch come out 🙁 its not a joke !

  36. soma x

    Any date for the releasing of the patch?

  37. asa

    i think this is all lie…..this is too long i think the translation already droped….sucks

  38. Buka

    Guys, really, he doesn’t have to do it. He is doing it just for us. I mean, he doesn’t earn money for this translation, right? He is doing this translation for fans sake and you guys are just complaining. Just shut up and wait for the translation, you are not helping when you say bad stuff.

  39. dre

    oh but you are helping so much by defending poor kaji of the big bad trolls. You are so cute when you say good stuff like that. Good thing there are people like you to shield kaji because he cares so much about trolls he would have given up long ago due to all the bad stuff said here.

    Go, kaji, go! Keep doing this wonderful work for us!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  40. lisa

    thanks for all this and keep it up, really looking forward to it (but could you perhaps make it able in the demo to load save files? if the menu and items and names are in english it should be alright for me to play, i understand some japanese)

  41. Dead

    Is this project dead? It’s been two years already and we haven’t gotten anywhere after the last demo.

  42. Eizanstein

    An extended demo would be pretty cool, have to admit.
    Maybe end it after the first dungeon or so?

  43. Kajitani-Eizan [fake]


  44. Kaji's Shadow

    Au contraire… the project lives!
    And thus continue the arguments.

  45. LG_Brazil

    Sooo… is this patch going to be released any day? Or we are just waiting for nothing? =P

  46. beeplan

    this patch is like the plans of your country for the olympics and for the world cup.

    A bunch of promisses, no real progress.

  47. Rhodes

    Don’t be ridiculou beeplan. Even the brazillian progress is more real than this patch. This is more like the Suriname, everyone has heard, but nobody knows if it really exists.

  48. Kub

    You suck Ethan.

  49. Angst

    From which anime is your little picture from, Kaji ?

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