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  1. The Future of Tales of Hearts

    […] So apparently I’ve been fired from the Tales of Hearts project… I guess some people think I’m “too slow” and I “constantly take breaks without doing any work to justify them” and I “have way more skill at making excuses than translating.” Well that’s just fine by me! We’ll see who has the last laugh! […]

  2. StahnMan2

    You shall be missed throughhim because i had nothing wrong with what you were doing. Now i wonder whats gonna happen. I have other stuff to do so its not like i need it right now. Whenever this stuff gets done, it gets done, whether it takes years or a week like i care.

  3. Paul

    I’m sorry Kaji, but your crappy Google translated script isn’t going to beat out throughhim’s translation. Good luck but I’m jumping ship.

  4. Shade

    “Hmm, April’s Fool… Bet Kaji has an ‘update’…”

    And here we are!

  5. Dawn

    Thanks Kaji! You almost made me think this was an April Fool’s joke, clever update.

  6. BigAl

    One time I heard throughhim was asked to pick up milk at the grocery store, but he didn’t come back until a week later.

    And he had brought eggs.

  7. BAlor

    Wow this isn’t crap of April Fool that the dude is writing here, he got actually fired lol….I knew it was matter of time. Pranks have been hard lately like Frostbite to the poor Nintendo.


  8. Michael

    If that would be real, what will be about the future of Tales of Phantasia X?

  9. LoyalZero1

    I have read both accounts on both sites…. I am still taking this with a grain of salt. I’m cautiously thinking this is a long, drawn out prank that started before april 1…. with april 1 in mind.

  10. GHANMI

    YOU DON’T SAY ?!?!?!?!!!

  11. chiaki nanami

    i can’t read japanese at all but i just wanna say that i really like the work you do.keep it up

  12. cycoclash25

    I don’t care who finishes it at this point, just as long as it gets done so that I can play it. I would even be willing to help out with the project in some way so that it gets done quicker.

  13. Roger

    Thanks for the hard work. I have been following the project since more than 3 years and have always been looking forward to April 1st. This time, you killed me with OMEGA and HE CAN, SHEEN GIRL.

    Keep up the good work.

  14. Phelamax

    Yup definitely april fools joke on both side. I’ll just take these posts as “Tales of Hearts is almost finished, so throughhim could start focusing on other projects again”..

  15. Richter Abend

    I am Following your “Patch” for a while now (Cant even remember for how many years… it has evolved more into a joke than a translation patch by now)
    I was checking this page like everyday back then when I found out about this project but as longer as you took (and as more you tried to hoax us) I stopped coming here and may have checked the status of your “project” just to see what kind of stupid Ideas you came up with.

    So as for now Hideo Baba finally announced Tales of Hearts R for the PSVita for the West and no one is forced anymore to wait for your patch to come out.

    My advice to anyone here is: Forget about Kajitani and go and buy the PSVita remake when it comes out. This dude has made fun of us for quite a while now.

  16. Praise Throughim

    Unlike Kaiji, Absolute Zero has actually finished and done amazing work for the Tales of community. I couldn’t be happier with this amazing development, as Kaiji is one of the most incompetent patchers I have ever seen in my life. I hope to the lords he doesn’t pick up any other projects and after ’11 years of patching’, the only thing given to us is a shitty demo in some remote area of the story hidden as a full stop link URL that doesn’t even let you progress or understand the battle system.

    Good bye Kaiji, I hope to never see you gain.

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