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  1. Ekco

    Donations are nice and all but donators can become a major pain in the ass. Some of them think donating grants them privileges and end up acting all bossy and bitchy. If people wanna tell him how he should work now, imagine what they would do as donators.

    Besides, we’re talking about Kaji here. I did donate to AZT for the amazing and COMPLETE ToI patch because they had already made an amazing and COMPLETE patch for ToP, but Kaji? I’m happy he decided to make a patch for this game but I still highly doubt he will ever reach 100%.

    Nothing personal though. If he ever starts accepting donations I will gladly help, but only after I have a fully translated ToH ROM in my flashcart.

  2. Detsu

    Okay, I lol’d at the TL Notes thing.

  3. Clou

    Umm sorry it’s not like that I don’t like your decision. I really support you all and respect you, just want to ask is that a way to change his name again in game ? I like Shing because his real name have very wonderful meaning and I just love him too much (He’s my fav chara in Tales). Sorry again very sorry

  4. Exkaiser

    mfw people take anything Kaji posts seriously.

  5. Nivea

    Oh dear, Clou.
    This was actually a joke. April Fools, you know. But that doesn’t mean you can take his other posts serious… Just sit back and relax =)

  6. Clou

    Really ? Ow I’m relief now :D, I dunno why I always fooled easily by many people :<

  7. Farukon

    Because you are an idiot.

  8. Nivea

    Gosh stop trolling already… How would you know if Clou’s an idiot? Maybe you’re the idiot since you just go around, trolling people. Get a life or something. (Wuhu I can troll too!)

  9. DeBlot

    Woah….I love all these changes! This is great!

  10. Anonymous

    You’re too green, Clou.

  11. J

    Yes Nivea, because one little post calling someone an idiot means the person has no life and spends all day “trolling” on the internet.

  12. Gaburiere

    Nerds just love to say that to look mature and boast how interesting their lives are compared to trolls’.

    We’re all here cuz we have nothing better to do in RL. We all lack “life”, including Kaji, hence why he got enough time to translate an whole RPG and troll his blog readers.

    U idiot.

  13. buttassassin


  14. Wah!

    What are we gonna do on the bed?


  15. Cheese

    Make sweet sweet lovin’

  16. Anonymous

    You pedophile.

  17. 0h ²

    why do i have the feeling these stupid comments were all posted by the same fag?

  18. Arklight

    This is gonna sound very very veeeery odd… I actually wouldn’t mind translator notes on the bottom screen. (Yes I know the post was a joke)

  19. Alurane

    Hey now that’s not fair! I have not been on this site in god knows how long. I WILL admit last time it was me, but only because I felt that people wouldn’t let up about he fact that I have word troubles, but that wasn’t the way to go about things . I mean come on I apologized for last time… but anyway good apf joke…

    Honestly, I’m one of the nicest people you could meet.

  20. mike

    Hey Eizan i hate to ask this cause im sure you get this every 20 seconds, but how far of the game is translated so far? Also what are you looking for to help speed the process up?

  21. Freeman

    Really nice work; but…we all know you have the right skill to do such a great patch…but…what we REALLY are thinking while we type our reply here is ….can you give us some proof that your patch still go forward?
    You know…all the people here are asking for some kind of real “update” but you still prefer to give us your “jokes”;yes yes… we love your jokes,but trust me you’re already scraping the bottom of the barrel … and from quite a while now… please … we want to continue to follow you, but give us proof you are not joking; you already work together a great traslation group,I know because I finish Tales of Innocence, where you were working as a karaoke director; so,try to show your progress as they do with ToI,it’s so difficult or strange for you?You shold do as Crimson Nocturnal,you shold treat us all as they do,but you continue joking….
    We all are trying to be nice when we find a trick rather joke updates rather than a REAL update,can you do the same with us?
    I’m sure you are not going to answer this mine,I know, and you know already that we will continue to hope….and so we go on further…
    Have a nice day Kaji,try to think about it,should you?

  22. avesta

    >Tsurai asa o sukue
    >(follow your heart every morning)
    >ancient Japanese proverb


  23. lolprogressbar

    @ Freeman: if you’re going to ask something, it might be best to attempt to make your request somewhat grammatically correct and intelligible…
    Also, stop saying “we” when speaking for yourself. You’re not the collective here.

  24. Anonymous

    @ Freeman: Oh dear.

  25. Freeman

    You are not the collective here…sure.
    But have you try to understand what I just wrote?
    No one here nor elsewere is the “collective” as you say,but WE can share the same feeling; sure,if you continue to accept and understand only word perfectly typed….
    At least I write what I feel and what I think,can you say the same about you?
    You look only the aesthetic of what you read,and never try to understand their meaning;I could have a very bad grammatic knowledge,but WE are not perfect;and more than this,better be grammatically incorrect than superficial,don’t you agree?
    Now go search other errors

  26. Anonymous


    Sorry, but I have no idea what you just said. Also, you should probably try using the spacebar more.

  27. Alurane

    @Freeman Dude this is engliss class apparently don’t let these guys get to you. If they need to bash ya to make themselves feel good let them, it just shows who’s the better person they make mistakes too there’s probably using google’s spell check anyway

    When it stops being about gamers and the game what’s the point
    yeah I have grammar issues as well..but guess what I CAN read japanese. I was excited about this tho but all we get is jokes and when people ask about progress others just bash you just because.

    Even Kajitani bashed me for not using commas, but if he has time to do that he has time to make an update.

    Then I wrote some offensive stuff and yes that was wrong but it’s seems that this bash of people wanting REAL info isn’t gonna stop. I don’t even want this translation now, I already have a 3ds and I beat TOH.

  28. Anonymous


  29. Cory Burgos

    @freeman. You see this anon? This is excatly what i’m talking about. He has to correct me becasuse he isn’t good at anything else.
    They want to get you angry because they are (correct that!!!) socially inept, or because of the internet, (Like the call of duty racists)
    @anon. Come see me in person and correct me.

    [Facebook link terminated]

    [Address terminated]

  30. Tailisu10


    Serious Business.

  31. Anonymous

    Wow, you sure have no sense of security, eh?

  32. Anonymous

    A word to the wise: being Lawful Good and chivalrous is nice and all, but in this day and age it might get you killed.

  33. Anonymous

    P.S. Kaji. For safety precautions, please remove his FB and address so no harm comes to the self-righteous idiot.

  34. Cory Burgos

    Everyone dies i’m not afraid of that.
    and if being self-rightous make me an idiot as you so say well then i’ll just be a fool.

    “I fear no man and i’m unarmed”-311

    and it’s my address not my social sec.
    you are only proving my my point that you are hiding behind the internet.
    LIKE I said come see me

  35. Cory Burgos

    And no these are not comments that are irrelevant, yes kaji I know that your working hard on the patch. Good job your work is excellent, but it is really unforunate that most of of your followers are pricks who are quick to shut people down because we are simply asking for progress updates, but i’ve said this before you seem to be on their side. I’ll say this if there were less joke comments this problem would not exist. This is the only website
    i’ve been on where I have seen such a high level of disrepect.

    No one can ask for release info because we fall at the hands of anon who are rude who have to correct us

    fun fact: most people type how they talk.

    Not everyone is perfect but again I said this when the not needed “touch yourself” comment poped up that was uncalled for but I guess it doen’t matter….

  36. Tailisu10


  37. lolprogressbar

    @ Alurane
    “fun fact: most people type how they talk.”

    I’ve also noticed that many people talk as if they were retarded…
    On another note – if you’ve played ToH and understood it because you can read Japanese… why exactly are you here again? Trying to start a bitchfest directed at the person doing all the work isn’t exactly a great way to assist anyone here, y’know.
    …And yes, self-righteousness is a form of bigotry, so congrats on being idiotic and proud of it.

    And @ freeman
    “You look only the aesthetic of what you read,and never try to understand their meaning;I could have a very bad grammatic knowledge,but WE are not perfect;and more than this,better be grammatically incorrect than superficial,don’t you agree?”

    Hm… I understood that your comment boiled down to bitching about Kaji’s never giving “real” progress updates, as you’re not willing to place any faith in his ability to complete the patch. And once again, you’re identifying yourself as “WE,” which is honestly giving me this vibe that you’re probably dealing with multiple personality disorder or something. Sorry, mate.
    Point is, you’re only one person. Identifying yourself as “WE” is generally very egotistical when summarizing your personal opinion.

    [And no, it’s better to be “superficial (i.e. pointing out the egotistical nature of your identifying yourself as the collective/WE),” easily intelligible, and have valid points than to have such difficulty with English in general that you are unable to exhibit any of these traits.]

    (Yeah, I realize typing all of this was a waste of time, as it’ll only incite counter-bitching anyway… Will try to use my time better next time and direct it towards learning more kanji/studying)

  38. lolprogressbar

    Oops, that “trying to start a bitchfest” remark was far more directed at freeman. Sorry, my bad.

  39. Cory Burgos

    I’d like to play it in english because it would give me a reason to play again. I know the languge but to have in english make it easier for me i don’t think in japanese. I know weird

    Ignorance:lack of knowledge. One is not stupid for not knowing something he simply does not know, so you mean i’m stupid.

    Stupid lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull
    this is what you mean.
    Also i said as you claimed if somone thinks i’m self rightous o well,
    i’ll claim it call me whatever make you feel better, you don’t know me and I could care less what anon thinks I was just proving a point that people hide behind the web
    I detest violence

    You bitching at me is no better “the pot calling the kettle black.”

    O yes just because i make mistakes DOES not make you smarter
    I lied the way my brain works i type way slow than I think, and if I think that someone is being rude to me I can speak(type) what’s on my mind I live in a country where I can do so.

    I just think it’s wrong that most of you go out of your way to belittle some based on their typing skills i find it unnecessary.

    Trust me I know full and well that Kaji doing hard work and taking time out of his life to do this for free i think that is awesome
    BUT LIKE I KEEP SAYING YOU GUYS HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS(even if that isn’t your intention.) People do have feelings.

    note: I’m not dissing you btw i just want you to understand

    @freeman youu do need to type better though, proofread so this doen’t happen.

    And yes the jokes are fine but it does get kind of old..

  40. Siegfan

    Kaji, your updates and posts brighten my day. Good luck with the patch, I bet it will be nothing short of amazing!

  41. fred thompson

    [This comment has been terminated]


  42. lolprogressbar

    “Ignorance:lack of knowledge. One is not stupid for not knowing something he simply does not know, so you mean i’m stupid.

    Stupid lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull
    this is what you mean.”

    ctrl+f.. “ignorance”.. 1 result – your randomly bringing up ignorance and going on to say that someone has called you stupid. Who is this “you” that you’re mentioning?

    “…I was just proving a point that people hide behind the web
    I detest violence”

    But… you’re slaughtering so many monsters just by playing Tales of Hearts… If you truly detested violence, you’d stay far away from video games, especially the Tales Series, as they quite clearly encourage violent behavior. At least, that’s what I [randomly] guessed Sieg was [randomly] telling Hisui – er, Lucio – in a [random] skit after Lucio not-so-[randomly] joins your battle party.

    On another note, I detest shinguards that don’t conveniently turn into an axeblade when I want them to. Not having them makes penalty shootouts that much more stressful… and they’re handy for saving Starbucks from those turban-Soma-that-turns-into-box-cutter-wielding terrorists, too.

    …^This may not be the best example, but hopefully you can see how annoying and lame pointless randomness generally is. It’s even less helpful when you’re trying to make a point.. which probably means I’ve undermined my point here as well.

    Eh, at any rate, hopefully this’ll iron out all of the random, off-topic conversations.

  43. Doon

    No it won’t, and you know it. You lovers just want to have the last word in this pointless lovers quarrel. I see now it’s that time of taking a mature leave, make up and live happily ever after. This is almost as cute as Anna’s ass.

  44. lolprogressbar


    Eh, got it. I actually deleted everything I’d typed after the post failed to go through, but apparently it posted anyway… Gjob, me.

    Anyway, you’re right, obviously. Was all entirely irrelevant and I let myself contribute to it anyway. …But now I’m wondering – exactly how cute is this “Anna’s ass?”

    (last time I typed this comment, it failed to go through as well… wonder if something’s up with the site.)

  45. Solo

    What hapenned here? I saw a surge of new comments and thought something interesting was going on but it is just GameFAQs visiting the site.

  46. Gee

    Keep doing what your doin’ Eizan, I hope you get it done soon man! Because i’ve been waiting since that other friggin’ team started doin’ it.
    Got a question though dude, do you actually update your progress bar? I swear it’s been like that for a year or so now, either you don’t update it or you work at the speed of a snail, hopefully it isn’t the latter.

  47. Gee

    Oh wow, look at all that arguin’ goin’ on, really guys? I feel sorry for you Eizan, you deal with alot of this shit don’t cha? It seems a lot of it isn’t even about how he makes stupid updates, it’s sort of just…whine.
    Oh well, haters be hatin’, lovers be lovin’.

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