12 responses to “Like a Rising Phoenix to the Flame”

  1. James Carl Manzano

    Bro. It’s been a long time. I knew you had to post something even if it’s for april fools

  2. Michael Prado

    We already have Hales of Tarts R, and Tales of the Destined Chronicles is coming soon for iOS/Android, so why would you want those?

    Well, we were awaiting the result of your work in the DS version of ToH and the Destiny’s Director’s Cut, bro. As simple as that :/ And I hope still to see it someday getting for real. Never lost my trust on you, in spite of your particular trolling 🙂

    Anyway, is good to see some improvement in a project from yours.

  3. Tal

    Your particular brand of trolling is always equal parts enraging and amusing. Somehow I actually had my hopes the end of Absolute Zero business was all an elaborate troll recommended by you for a spectacular April Fools joke. Hmm.

  4. Tal

    By the way. I believe. 100%. Bring it home, Kajitani-Eizan. Bring Stahn home. Don’t care how long it takes.

  5. anon

    Duke Nukem Forever

  6. X

    How has no one pointed out the hidden link in the second paragraph? The full patch was released in typical kaji fashion. Well done, playing now.

  7. Anonymous

    Can we get another hint besides 2nd paragraph, X?
    This is so freakin’ annoying if he did release the full patch but hid it like this, I’ve tried EVERYTHING…

  8. Anonymous...


  9. kaminari kid

    I realize I’m two months late on this, but I’m glad Kaji is still making his april fool’s day posts. I was kinda worried after he skipped last year, but it seems all is well.

  10. Tsuki

    Simple answer to your inquiry in Tales of Hearts DS:
    Like with Innocence, the game is NOT the same. The art is different, some choice of music is difference.

    What makes Hearts more jarring is that the DS game is 2D, and Hearts R is 3D, some people prefer the 2D titles over the 3D one (and yes, in 2D VS 3D of a game I USUALLY favor its 2D version).

  11. filgaia

    i’ve got tales of hearts r, but i’d still like the ds version to carry around on my r4 card. plus i really enjoyed the psvita version, i’d like to play through the story again in the ds version

  12. skiddiks

    Be honest: you quit because you know you can’t top Bamco’s legendary ToHR localization.

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