Tales of Hearts

An ongoing effort to translate Tales of Hearts into English.

Current Status: On Hold (Official Localization of Remake/Demake Confirmed)

Previous Major Contributors: [top secret individual] — translation, some editing; Kingcom — consulting, code contribution

Tales of Hearts: Translator’s Cut Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download for the Lazy]

Tales of Hearts Demo Patch:
[Release Post] [Patch Download] [Readme]


Q. Help, it doesn’t work! xdelta says something cryptic like “XD3_INVALID_INPUT”. Why your patch doesn’t work?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I’m not totally sure what the problem is, but it just might be that your INPUT is INVALID. Make sure you have selected the .xdelta patch as the “Patch” and your clean copy of the game as the “Source File”. If it doesn’t work, chances are good that your ROM is corrupted, trimmed, or patched with something else (i.e. not clean).

Q. Why I can’t load savegame?!?!

A. Thank you for your question. I am glad to see that you have exhausted all available resources that may address your issue before giving up and wasting everyone’s time by asking stupid questions. To answer your question, you must have a Nintendo 4DS Advance, or loading of your saved games will not work.

Q. Where is Translator’s Cut patch?!?! It’s impossible to find!!1

A. Thank you for your question. Have you considered reading the post? It just might help you figure out where the patch is. Still can’t find it? Are you sure you read the post? The entire post? Try reading it again. Still can’t find it? Sorry, but you must have a Sony Playstation 5, or the download link will not appear.

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450 responses to “Tales of Hearts”

  1. Angst

    I always wanted to know that.

  2. mrbubbles

    the picture is from buso renkin.

  3. Angst

    Thank you! <3

  4. Kub

    Fuck you Ethan.

  5. Lee

    By the time this is released our GRANDCHILDREN will be able to play it. Let’s be honest, your progress bar has not moved in YEARS. I would suggest everyone just move on to games that are actually available to play.

  6. LeeLa

    Given that the progress bar is obviously not indicative of progress and was a joke in itself.. maybe Lee is just being gullible.

    But yes, people should move on and do other things while they wait. No need to bitch, just get on with whatever qualifies as your life and check back whenever.

    Kaji’s obviously not going to release a progress update just because you feel the need to complain about how you’ve no idea how far along this is. If anything, the productive thing to do is to cease to care about how little you know about it. It’s not as if complaining trollishly over it has gotten you anywhere so far.

  7. F13

    And it’s not like answering bitchers or pretending you have moved on with your life has gotten you anywhere. Bitchers, ass-kissers and lurkers all come here for the same reason, we CARE, yeah you too, you CARE about the lack of updates. If you didn’t you wouldn’t even come here since Kaji almost never updates and even when he does no real info is released.

    In the end anybody here can do whatever comes to mind, it’s not like Kaji cares about whiners or people that bother giving them a lecture. “Move on” sounds awesome, but it’s not like anybody here has a life busy enough to stop caring about a translation patch offered by a troll that has never finished a project before.

    Not that I doubt him, mind you, I will stay here. Lurking here. It’s not Kaji cares about anything we say anyway. Comments are as useless as that progress bar, be they “constructive” or trollish.

  8. Sherry

    Is this project still ongoing? Just wanted to know..
    I would love to play it.

  9. ShihiZu

    Yes, it is. And if you can’t wait, just play it in Japanese. There are very good documents that can help you play it.

  10. Fan-Translations on mass | Viera Ivalice

    […] Tales of Hearts […]

  11. GameSubbers

    Demo or Release or Whatever patch of ToH… is totally stupid…
    I have finish this game twice though the translation never done…
    Funny indeed… Why must you release a demo patch where everyone find it locked to save… but wait… The time you release your demo just not long after that, I cracked it and I can save even using your stupid programmed “Unreliable Demo”… Sad really…
    But never mind.. This project goes on or stopped is not a matter for me…
    Someone will eventually translate it… maybe… later… in unknown time…
    I just say this to let everyone know… Stop waiting for this unreliable team.. It’s better if you don’t bring Kajitani’s name in your work… *sigh

  12. Aze

    No one is here because the game is unplayable without the patch, we just want to actually understand the story without having to carry a script translation around. It feels like playing a game and reading a book at the same time. Besides there are things like NPC dialogue and skits that most guides don’t translate.

    Unless you mean you can’t speak japanese and played through the game without using a story guide, if this is what you did then never mind. I can’t enjoy a game without understanding the dialogue.

    I can’t speak japanese and don’t like playing reading translation scripts, so this patch is my only chance to enjoy the game. Since it’s free I think waiting is the least I can do. Besides if you are using a hacked version of Kaji’s demo patch I think you should at least show some gratitude. His patch is helping you, even though you had to hack to fulfill your needs.

  13. Emily

    Awesome game and great translation so far. ^^
    Looking forward to the full patch.

  14. juvfan

    “I received so many inquiries about the PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia,” acknowledged Baba. “Personally, I would want players to play Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS because the team pushed the DS hardware to the maximum and the game’s story is about the heart. Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to localized Tales of Hearts, but this one is my favorite one.”

    quote it from here :

    Kaji-san you can work with fullest now

  15. KANTOT

    SIGHT!! WHY THiS PROJECT TAKING TOO LONG,,,THIS IS THE LONGEST TRANSLATION PROJECT I EVER KNOWN!!,,,(correct me if im wrong),,can u just release the complete english patch without an english su.. dub?!,,,coz for me its ok,,even the characters voice is in japanese theres no problem about that,,just like tales of innocence..and i think the reaseon why this project takes longer becoz of they want to dub the game in english

  16. Eizanheimerz

    ^ This incredibly poor grammar seems familiar… as does the troll-like content.

    I wonder if one person is responsible for most of these. They’re suspiciously similar to one another.

  17. Raitzeno

    Sounds likely, especially with the whole commas-in-place-of-periods thing. It stands out pretty obviously.

  18. V for vendeta

    hey….by the way did you guest,what the message means?! its look like the translation taking too long because they want to change the voice of characters into english..may be this person is right,,can they just release the english patch even the voice of characters is in japan?!

  19. LuminBlade

    It’s needable to Stream Arrow instead of Arrow Stream.
    Because its name has in Destiny PSX.

  20. LUCI

    you know what they already release pokemon black and white version 2 usa,,,but look at this..this porject still no progress..wtf!!..i already play this game in jp. and this games is not that big to take this long to translate!!..why dont you just tell the truth kaji that you cant translate it!! you just give us a false hope damn you…!!

  21. stalker

    WTF is up with these people comparing a fan translator to a game company? A game company has lots of people working on a single game and they EARN MONEY to translate. If you think translating ToH isn’t that hard and shouldn’t take this long shut up and do better.

  22. LUCI

    hehehe fuck up!! i can compare it coz this project is too long,,,i already encounter a lot of english translation projects and all of them,just only take a month or lets just say 1 year,,,but this translation realy sucks,,,you keep hoping to this project aren’t ya?! DEMO is not enough! to prof that this project is progressing! you see one day all people that supporting this project will soon gone…because of lost hope coz its kinda long for this!

  23. Raitzeno

    Why is it the ones who seem most disappointed apparently can’t speak English in the first place?

  24. Tg

    Thats true. Lucy why are you so jumpy over a translation to english if you cant even speak english in the first place?

  25. The Bloop

    Considering how Kaji’s pointed out that at least one person is posting the same trollish content, not to mention how the grammar is exactly the same every time, it’s fairly obvious that we’re dealing with just one (or slightly more – maybe two) troll(s) attempting to make it seem as if inbred hillbillies successfully raped the English language into submission via pretending to be multiple people.
    Also, they might be attempting to say something about the patch’s progress being slow in comparison to Pokemon (derp. Pokemon has literally hundreds of fan translators, or so I’ve been led to assume), but given the inbred hillbilly grammar, it’s difficult to tell.
    I suspect Freeman’s involvement in this, somehow.

    Anysways… looking forward to the next trollish update, Kaji. You’re pretty great at them.

  26. LUCI-fer

    coz this is the only game that im waiting for to play then after that im going to buy a new 3ds and sale my old one!!

  27. lullaby

    lol google engrish at its finest.

    well luci-fer, I guess that means english is not the first language in hell.

  28. LUCI-fer


    fuck up!! just watch this NYAHAHAHAA!!

  29. stalker

    You are a very weird non-english speaking devil.

    “fuck up” lol. I don’t know what you mean by that but a warm and cozy “fuck up” to you too.

  30. LUCI-fer

    i thought your good at english than me?! and now your asking what i mean by saying “FUCK UP”?! SUCH A FOOL!!! dont worry your soul will be mine NYAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  31. stalker
  32. Arkhaze

    there’s a tales of hearts R on PS Vita now, still from magazine tho’

  33. Xander

    http://www.gamekyo.com/images0_4_49209.html – Little bit of Tales of Hearts R. Goddamn Bamco. Let’s do this.

  34. Mazyl

    There goes Nintendo’s last exclusive. What now, Kaji? But then again ToH:R, like ToI:R, will probably never be localized. This project is still valid since you’re making those changes and all.

    It’s better to have one old title translated than one old and one new only in japanese.


    NO ! NO ! NO !
    Please, I don’t want this port, I want that translator’s cut with awesome stuff in it 🙁

  36. LuminBlade

    I’d like seeing Chal instead of Chalcedony. Everyone have to 7-letters.
    Needable naming convention: Sieg, Kohaku, Hisui, Innes, Beryl, Kunzite, Chal, Lithia.

  37. HeroOfGames16

    Kajitani, I hope you continue on your translation patch. Even if it takes you another 5 years, I’ll wait, but deep inside… I can’t wait to understand the beautiful story and characters and oh gee :D!
    Hahaha, yeah, pretty contradictive, am I not.

  38. taco_llama

    Dude it’s kinda obvious you are OBJECTION, LuminBlade and HeroOfGames16. You could at least have waited a little more between posts or changed the writing style.

    Oh well…

  39. Shunsui

    Yo man, Eizen, are you really gonna drop the project, I mean, how many people were working with you, i could help, very little, i mean i know some stuff about hexadecimal and hex and binary and little stuff about tables, 0.3% japanese, i mean are you really gonna quit after nine years, don’t you wanna keep up your good name, i mean, i was thinking of translating it myself, then it got kinda difficult, maybe you wanna give it another shot? or no…. OR yes?… but you said the progress is going far but it’s only about 1/5, i mean i may just be stupid making this comment, what’s translators cut anyway, is it just not the same?

  40. Kirlyfish

    Thank you so much for the update!

  41. Kirlyfish

    Oh frick. I thought the whole comments thread started at September 2012. lol


    What is sad is that I swear I’m not the two others haha.
    We just really don’t want him to drop.

  43. AngryMan

    You guys suck for dropping this translation.

    1) Tales of Hearts R will probably not even get an English release
    2) For a Vita translation patch, there are too many hurdles to jump through t this point in time to get that accomplished.
    3) Nobody wants to buy a Vita for one game

  44. Hazuki_87
  45. clesskilla101

    to how i see it you guys need to focus on 1 translation at a time if you doing tales of hearts do it and it alone fuck the shitbox or ps3 tales of vesperia the shitbox already have translated vesperia already so deal with hearts game companies have teams 1 team deals with a game while the other team deals with another game you don’t have that resource so stick to translate only one till you finnish damn

  46. LORD

    CORRECT I AGREE clesskilla101 THUMBS UP!!!

  47. fuck

    Moderately and demonstrations instead of just not open?

  48. Mailbag Roundup

    […] AngryMan writes: You guys suck for dropping this translation. […]

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