73 responses to “Tales of the Heart: Translator’s Cut: American Edition: Reimagining”

  1. Labrys

    Keep up the good work!

    I can’t wait for my Vita to have a game 🙂

  2. rurute

    lost it at the 99k

  3. Yurbigtoesa

    So Tales of Innocence: R took several steps back as far as the battle system goes?
    How was that game overall, anyway?

  4. Tempest

    Hey, you got farther again! Awesome. Though the current name isn’t that good… How bout Tales of Hearts: Translators Cut: The Totally Superior American Edition: Redux 2.0 ?

  5. Hazuki_87

    I Don’t believe in an american version for this game on PSVita, OK the remake’s were announcied, but I really Wanna play the DS version translated by Kaji-san! No matter how much time it will spend.

  6. Arn

    I don’t always update. But when I do I don’t.

  7. Ex

    The joke is that you think you’re funny.

  8. Google

    ive never played this, but im not sure if it’s making it more complicated and more awesome, or easier and more awesome for us

  9. Young_Link

    The game’s name is getting long as hell. Good to hear that the translator has made some progress. Until next time, Kaji.

  10. Likou

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but, i would like to see the translated game, not some edited version that will take 10 years in the making for no reason at all.

    Don’t get me wrong, i like the improvements, but the translation looks like of no great importance in the middle of hacking so many elements of the original game.

  11. Ark

    Man, I need say something about this circus:

    Sorry Nomura Jr, but… The name of the thin’ is “Translate” and not “Try to make the Wonder be Ful”.

    Sincerely… Make the basic translate man, I mean, okay if you want to do something that make us spit on our faces with the down’s head, you know, but firstly you have to do the basic.

    Not everyone want to play ya new fucking awesome game dude! I’m with ya, Baliv that! But we want to play the original game, surely just by have it done, ya will be recognized properly…

    Afterwards you try to show us ya big Ideia, sure I know this is one.

    Sorry, but it seems ya R on drugs, just keep the thing confortable, right now you just look a little crazy about it all.

    Relax and focus.

  12. Shadow

    No offense, i really aprecciate your translation work, but i agree with Ark, we just want the game to be properly translated, in it’s purest form, not a new Tales of.
    This series releases updates/new versions, almost every damm year…
    Seriously man, just translate the game already.

  13. Ark

    Do you see? I said the purest true.

  14. Xander

    I hope to god everything Ark said wasn’t intentional and was just this incredible mistake of broken english.

    But yes, stop making me spit the face of my down’s head.

    Please include perma-death cooking elements in the new newest reversioned vision of the game.

  15. Teepayne

    In all honesty, I have no idea why everyone is getting mad. As throughhim and many other translators have mentioned, you guys should be thankful kaji is even attempting to translate this in the first place. Stop getting your panties all up in a bunch. He’ll take however long he needs to translate it. So what if he makes jokes all the time? A guy can’t have a sense of humor? Whether or not he finishes is up to him. If he does, motherfucking yay. If not, learn Japanese. In the meantime, why not get an actual life instead of waiting constantly for a translation to come out and complaining when shit takes too long for your liking.

  16. Shadow

    But that’s the problem, who knows when the Reimagining will be complete?
    It would be better if you released the translation first,(in case you finish it before the Reimagining) then later, release a complete version, with the translation and the Reimagining.

    We’ve been waiting for years now, i think you should prioritize the translation, rather than the Reimagining.

  17. Shadow

    Teepayne, no one is saying that it’s his obligation, or something like that, this is a big misinterpretation from your part. (not that i care for what you think, don’t get me wrong)

    But, he’s doing a work for a lot of fans, so we have the right to compliment, or to criticize, and i’m pretty sure he knows this.
    So, you can stop the bichting already.

  18. The Reaper

    >It would be better if you released the translation first,(in case you finish it before the Reimagining) then later, release a complete version, with the translation and the Reimagining.

    This, my friends. Then everyone will be happy.

  19. Ark

    Xander. Little kid, was intentional ¬¬’ daaaaaaaaaaaaaa? Do you think I don’t know how to write? Do You? Guy… Was just to put a “bold” in my sarcasm…

    If You prefer:

    Man, I need to say something about this circus:

    Sorry Nomura Jr, but… The name of the thing is “Translate” and not “Try to make the Wonder, Ful”.

    Sincerely… Make just the basic translate man, I mean, okay if you want to do something that, by your time will make us spit in our faces with the mushroomhead one, you know, but firstly you have to do the basic.

    Not everyone wants to play your new fucking awesome game dude! I’m with you, Belive that! But we want to play the original game, surely just by you have it done, you will be recognized properly…

    Afterwards, Then, So, You can show us your big Ideia, I surely know this is one of them.

    Sorry, but it seems you are on drugs, just keep the all the thing confortable and logic for us gamers in your waiting, right now, you just seem like a little crazy about it all.

    Relax and focus Dude.

  20. Xander

    You are now my favourite person

  21. Arklight_Blue

    Are conversations like this going to be in the comments section on every update? I can’t even tell who’s taking these seriously, who’s not, who’s pretending TO take it seriously, and yeah. Anyway, keep up the good work Kaji. In between the satire, there’s plenty of progress that’s clearly being made. I am looking forward to seeing your finally finished product of Tales of the World: Summoner’s Lineage.

  22. Ark


    Sorry, never wanted to offend you. 🙂


    I never told him that the present work in the game is going to be bad. I only said: “Focus in the Main translation, after you can make a full pack with bonus.” I really want to see these changes like you all. 🙂

    Seriously, where’s the logic in playing it fully modified before the original version?

    And yes, keep up and up and up and up… the good work, like I said before, I’m with you.

  23. João

    The coments always make me laugh more than the post itself.

  24. Re

    Will there be dlc for the game?

  25. Yurbigtoesahoe

    Agreed with Arklight_Blue…
    Personally, I’m just waiting for Freeman to post again so I can make another Freeman Collective post. I almost look forward to those as much as Kaji’s updates, ’cause I’m bored and stuff.

    But I have to wonder.. Do people really believe Kaji’s serious about releasing a “Reimagination” version, or are they trolling as much as he is?

  26. Yurbigtoesa

    …I’m not sure why “hoe” is in the username in that last post.

  27. Butz

    Well, just let the man translate the game as long as he wants, also it’s his problem if he finish the translation or not. He would probably take like 5 more years, in that time, you all can learn japanense and play the game is you want to xDD. It has been a long time since this proyect was anounced, and it never get complete, so good luck and have fun waiting forever xDD. I already did a menu patch and that was enough for me to play the game. 😉

  28. ZnTxn

    Not enough America

  29. Hulker

    @ Butz

    “enough to play the game”? w00t!

    All you need is an emulator and a rom to play the game. You might have played it but I highly doubt you fully enjoyed it skipping through all the dialogue, skits, etc.

    And find it hilarious when people say “stop wasting you time waiting, go learn japanese instead”. I highly doubt even 1% of these guys can at least write Nihon in japanese without using Google Translate . You are in the same boat as us, stop pretending you don’t care about when Kaji will release the patch.

  30. appetizingly

    Hi, I’m Teepayne Goody Two-Shoes! I like to state the obvious and pretend to be particularly mature and reasonable while I’m unreasonably insulting others on the internet!


  31. Xen

    What i need a menu patch, I will just suffice with that

  32. Paarish

    Will the re-imagining still have translator’s notes? I like it when I get random bits of information and trivia when I’m trying to concentrate on something.

  33. Hulker

    Why do you alternate between “I” and “we”? “I” took it off but “we” won’t remove it permanently. Are you a single person or a group? Multiple personality?

  34. Saru

    I think its freaking hilarious that anyone honestly believes that you’re really going to “Reimagine” the actual gameplay.

  35. hentailover


    I think it’s freaking hilarious that anyone honestly believes that someone here honestly believes that Kaji is going to “Reimagine” the actual gameplay.

    Seriously, people are not blind, they can see J/K tag even if they are not too good with sarcasm. They just trying to have some fun.

  36. Mr0Thinman

    99k… yeah i can do that with practice : )
    Bitch pls!! nice one!

  37. Hulker


    I wouldn’t say that. Yes, people aren’t blind but some are seriously naive or just plain stupid. There ARE people that take these posts for real, that’s part of the reason Kaji keeps making them.

    I remember when the demo patch was released, I saw people complaining the patch didn’t fully translate the game, others complained the patch corrupted the ROM so they couldn’t save, etc. Not just here but in other sites too. Never underestimate human stupidity.

  38. Emiru

    Guys, this post is tagged as joke. Nothing of this will happen. Sadly, the translation seems to be a lie, because this translation must have been on for over 3 years. Honestly, I don’t think that it’ll happen within the next 5 years. Kanji likes to spend time doing stupid joke entries instead of focusing on one thing. And yeah, I know the whole “he is doing it free”, but if you do something, do it well or not do it at all. And after all this, I’m tired of waiting.

  39. Meh

    @Emiru – When it comes down to it, you don’t know if this is legit or not.
    It could be, and it might not be. But either way, he’s clearly translated parts of the game, so he has done -something-. Therefore I’m guessing the former is more likely.
    Either way, it appears that he’s doing this as a hobby, so there’s little reason for him to keep us in the know if he doesn’t want to. What exactly would he get out of it?

    As for doing something well or not doing it all, when it comes to the translation it’s clear from the demo that the results of the translation (whatever those might be at the moment) are of a really good quality. In contrast, Kaji’s updates don’t exactly update us with very much in the way of genuine translation progress info, so I guess you’re saying he shouldn’t update at all.

    That’d be kinda worse than these joke updates, imo – though at the same time it’s easy to see why people’s patience with them is wearing thin.

  40. orlando1210

    Pfft, Overlimit would be useless since you can already freely use Mystic Artes whenever you want and it’s super versatile XD Laughed so hard at this post.

    Love how you basically updated us with what we probably knew already xD (about translating)

    And man, you made Innocence R sound worse than it is by the way you mentioned it :c

  41. Xen

    the intent of the demo-patch was not to save but to try out the translations

  42. Kirijo

    As usual, thanks for the smiles and hard work 😀 Keep it up! May peace be upon you.

  43. Xen

    but still kaji, take this seriously

  44. Paarish

    Now I’m worried that I may accidentally turn it off and miss some vital bits of trivia that I may need later in life. I’d rather that the on/off feature didn’t exist. That way people who want it on won’t miss the translator’s notes. If people want it off, they’ll soon realise how silly they are when they figure out the meaning of the “Beckoning Cat” and other bits of trivia.

  45. Hulker

    If people want it on and accidentally turn it off they can simply turn it on and load their data to replay the trivia they missed. If you are stupid enough to accidentally turn it off; don’t notice they are turned off and then save your game with them turned off, then you are probably too stupid to even patch a ROM.

  46. Szel

    Might as well just avoid all the hassle and future questions directed to Kaji asking “WHY AREN’T THE TL NOTES THERE?” by simply turning it on permanently. This way, no one can miss out on the trivia.

  47. Butz

    Well, another thing that all you can do is enable the SAVE feature in Eizan’s Patch, actually it’s pretty easy :), and you will have all the things on the beta patch avaliable, which means, almost all the items, monsters and somas translated 🙂

  48. Crown

    Okay, I used to get kinda mad at all of the jokes but this was absolutely hilarious. Keep up the good work!

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