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  1. Aqua

    i got the gift but dont got the GIFT

    birthday gifts all arounnnnd

  2. Page

    “Judging from the comments, people are in an uproar about how I never do any “real” updates. I now see the error of my ways. Clearly, the problem was that I was previously including too many pictures and videos. Going forward, I will do my best to provide “real” updates in the form of long, boring reams of text. ”


    If you were being serious for once I agree with the names aside from Xing, but oh well, I can rename him in the game.

  3. Page

    Oh, I forgot to say something. Thank you for making a real update. Go back to your joke updates if you want, but releasing actual updates now and then would be nice.

  4. MP

    Hisui and Kohaku screams “TSUKIHIME” for me. No, not a critique, just a random comment

    I just stopped by, downloaded the nakiri2 patch and decided to drop a “Thank you” for your effort. Keep on going and I hope you’re having fun

  5. Alurane

    WOW! I defend somebody on here and get called a child amazing thank you very much. I can’t stand when people aren’t nice so I had to say something but i guess i know better now….

  6. Alurane

    So what if I use the wrong words or grammar i’m human i’m not perfect we all need to have respect for each other but no things like “because you touch yourself at night” need be said why I ask? Why be mean? If sombody wants to know when it (the translation) comes out that’s the person’s prerogative, just because it’s annoying does not give you the right to deliberately say something foul or negative. Chialry is in my veins and so I felt had to say something but that wasn’t right of me either I am sorry if i offended anyone but can we please keep things in a kind
    courteous manner.

    Because in the end we all live then we die

  7. ^


    Use them.

    Because in the end we all live then we die

  8. Alurane

    omg it just doesn’t stop no i won’t use commas this is a website not a term paper

  9. Anonymous

    Welcome to the Writing Center Online Writing Lab.

  10. Mercurio

    You all should be ashamed of being suck jerks to that poor thing. Why do you think you are better than him, just because you can use proper punctuation and he can’t? Or maybe because his pleas for a release date are annoying? Or is it because he can’t spell right?

    People like him deserve respect too. Let’s stop this madness, we all live and die at the end.

  11. Aqua

    Chialry is in your veins? Well, I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds very unpleasant. Fortunately, I have chivalry, so I don’t have to worry about that.

  12. doggz

    [This comment has been terminated]

  13. doggz

    [This comment has been terminated]

  14. Hoggz

    [This comment has been terminated]

  15. lolprogressbar

    I’d like to mock him/her too, but I’m too lazy… but not too lazy to post this post.

    At least no puppies or kittens died because of my post though. At least, none that I’m aware of.

  16. Alurane

    I have dyslexia but thank you for making fun of me

  17. Frostie

    If you’re gonna pretend to be two different persons you could at least use punctuation in one of the posts, that way you wouldn’t be as obvious.

    Unless you have dyslexia AND split personality…

  18. lolprogressbar

    Haha. Aside from the punctuation, the first time it kept his posting image; the second, it changed it, but kept his name… So it’s obvious either way.

    @Alurane: Stop inviting people to make fun of you if you find it undesirable. Or continue, if you want – it’s kinda funny watching you demean yourself and then blame others for what follows.

    Oh, and random – Kaji, if you need/want an editor for the script or anything, I’d be willing. I’m guessing that position’s been filled a few times over though.

  19. Aqua

    Aha, well I had no idea any users here were dyslexic, so I’ll have to apologize for offending you, Alurane.

    But uhh, aye, what lolprogressbar said. If there’s anything you need someone for, this complete stranger is willing to do a bit of work.

  20. Sahgo

    Yeah, apologies from here too.

  21. Anonymous

    It’s always good to make yourself look pretty well-educated online. If English isn’t your first language, then say so and maybe there won’t be as many insults being thrown around. I’ll forgive you for that. The Internet is very superficial, after all. I still don’t like people who ask for release dates, though.

  22. Alurane

    It’s said that Jrpgs are repetitive, but it’s ok to shoot sombody over and over in games like halo or Call of Duty… I disagree.

  23. Aqua

    Ahaha, all games are like that, not a single one of them isn’t guilty of doing the same thing over and over again.

  24. Arn

    Hey Kaji, about Kohaku artes I have a suggestion…

    Since Shippuukyaku and Kuuga Ranshuusen are related, why not name it more related?

    Like, Dancing Gale and Dancing Tornado, Gale Dance and Tornado Dance…

  25. Asbel

    People clam down, why bitch about the names? I mean come on this is worst then a 5 year old kid. So what if the names are wrong, who gives a flying fuck. Besides, the names he pick, are waaaaaaaaay better.

  26. Sahgo

    As long as the translation is better than “Shishi Senkou” becoming “Beast”, I’m okay.

    (seriously, wth? “Beast”? Just… “Beast”? That always bugged me.)

  27. Aqua

    Beast always sounded silly to me. Especially since the speakers in my TV don’t work properly, so I keep hearing “FEET!” instead Beast. But it’s still better than “Chi”

    I always thought Lion Strike was appropriate, or at least something with Lion in the name >.>

  28. Page

    People are actually bitching about names? I haven’t read most of the comments. Jesus, why? You can rename them if you want.

  29. lolprogressbar

    Eh, most of the bitching took place on forums and stuffs that aren’t all that related to this site. Haven’t seen many complaints here though.

  30. Karl

    Hisui’s name should be changed to Oliver Queen and Kunzite’s to Otto Gunther.

    Nuff said.

  31. Aetheus

    I don’t see a problem with the naming convention. I know a bit of Chinese, so hearing a character called “Xing” sounds cheesy regardless of how its spelled. As for Hisui and Kohaku, they sound stereotypically Japanese, which is kinda what most would expect from a JAPANESE video game. And Kohak just sounds stupid. I find it hard to believe anybody would want her to be named like that ._.

  32. X

    I actually really liked this post, but pics and vids are still nice!

  33. Convict

    Some people here bitch and all but it’s bearable. Kajitani is sarcastic and doesn’t interact that much with us readers, so it feels like he’s distant and sometimes like he doesn’t give a crap about us at all. But I like his style better than Absolute Zero’s. thoughhim was so present and “nice” in his blog people would go there just for the sake of posting “thanks”and how epically godly awesomely cool thoughhim was. Sometimes you’d scroll down an entire page and see nothing but “thanks” spamming and pleas for a release date.

    Nothing against AZ, I loved the ToI patch and donated before and after the release, but often I felt like I was in a fangirl club while browsing the blog. I hope the next updates will be made in old style, and with Kaji being the good old a**hole he have been until now. I’d hate to see the ass-kissing brigade setting camp over here.

  34. Ayu Ohseki

    If I were a translator for an official localization team, I would definitely go for Amber and Jaden, too. (I originally was thinking ‘Nephrite’ since, yeah, there’s already a Jade, but Nephrite’s a little clunky, and when I thought about it, Jaden suits him way better anyway and, like Amber, sounds like a real name.) Barring using Amber, I would definitely stick with Kohaku, because Kohak, like Shing, looks terrible. (Personally, I would use Amber and Jaden /anyway/, but I definitely understand the reason for your hesitation.)

    Speaking of Shing, I love Xing, too; it has a clever layered meaning (certainly cleverer than the names that were actually given) that’s relevant to both major themes of the character (“star” and “heart”). So, know that you have at least one person supporting your choice in translations!

  35. Skelletonike

    Huh… Haven’t been here for a while, but it seems like something happened. <..<"

  36. Skelletonike

    What the hell… =(
    I had written a huge text and only the first phrase appeared… T_T

  37. lolprogressbar

    *floats around while waiting for next update*

  38. Anonymous

    Jadite also sounds nice.

  39. Eman

    No it doesn’t.

    Jadite? Seriously? No, just no.

  40. lolprogressbar

    *agrees with Eman while floating around while waiting for update*

  41. Nivea

    You’ll probably have to wait till Friday..

  42. Capturing God

    but Shing and his name in the tales of vs

  43. lolprogressbar

    Meh, Engrish sucks. Also, Japanese people (the primary audience of Tales of Vs.) probably wouldn’t associate “Shing” with what Kaji and most people would, and it probably wouldn’t look as stupid to them, either. This is very likely the reason why it was romaji-nized to Shing rather than Xing. …Then again, I’m not Japanese, so I’m only guessing here.

    And if you really want to shing out your shing for his name to stay “Shing,” just take a few seconds to change it yourself when you play the game. That is an option, after all…

  44. wakka1

    i m expecting another joke tomorrow or maybe the day after, hhhh :p

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